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Why You NEED AP Automation

No department in any company is more strangled by data than AP. There’s too much paper, convoluted access to documents, and little, or no control, over day-to-day processes. Don’t spend another year wasting countless hours processing paper invoices manually. Recoup this time AND MORE!


Document Management to Keep your Critical Business Data Secure

With DocLink’s document management and process automation solution, you can do away with your inefficient, paper-intensive processes and embrace digital transformation to ensure you can provide secure access to your in-office or remote workforce.

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How to Go Paperless in a Hybrid Workplace

Join us to learn how DocLink by Altec can help your company digitally manage your documents and data, and automate processes in any department.


Integrated Document Management for Sage 300

The environment in which we work and network has changed, but don’t let that stop you from moving your business forward! Now is the time to take everything digital with the Sage-endorsed document management and process automation solution DocLink.


AP Automation Made Easy with Document Management

Stop the stranglehold all these documents have on you – spend less time managing your data and gain improved efficiency, visibility and control by automating your entire accounts payable process from POs to payments


Leveraging DocLink’s Electronic Smart Forms

If you routinely fill out forms (on paper, spreadsheets, or another application) and the form data needs to be approved, safely stored, or passed to another application, DocLink’s Smart Forms can capture that data, use that information to create documents, and provide workflow and export options.


Get Secure Access and Better Control of Your HR Documents

We will also highlight how an international, multi-location supermarket chain did all of that and more with DocLink. We’ll walk you through their story – why they sought a document management solution for their HR department, the process, benefits and future plans.


Going Paperless: Simplify Your Audit Prep from Days…to Mere Hours

A little 5-letter word—AUDIT—strikes dread & fear into any accounting department. An audit usually means your team will end up spending way too much time hunting down documents requested by auditors. And if a document is missing, a lot of work will go into re-creating it or requesting it from a vendor.


Go Paperless NOW! Empower All Your Departments to Work Remotely

Go paperless so you can eliminate the manual paper processes, and your business documents can be wherever you are. Watch this recorded webinar to learn how DocLink can help your company digitally manage your documents and data, and automate processes in any department.


Automating Document Delivery to Customers & Vendors

Learn how you can automate the document delivery process with DocLink, the industry-leading document management and automation solution.

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