Software & Vendor Selection

Selecting and implementing ERP, CRM, WMS, SCM, POS, or HRMS applications is a difficult endeavor. Choose the right guide to steer you through this journey.

Software Implementation Success is DEFINED in the Selection Process

A formal software and vendor selection ensures you pick the right solution and right partner.

Up to 75% of ERP software projects fail to meet their objectives.

Picking the wrong solutions, and picking the wrong vendors are some of the leading causes of failure.

Our Approach

We have developed a specialized methodology tailored for business application software selections. Whether you are selecting an ERP, CRM, WMS, SCM, POS, HRMS or another solution, our structured approach ensures a thorough and effective process, providing clarity and confidence in every step of the selection journey.


Detail Requirements 6 weeks

Document organization’s future requirements:

  • Focus on defining requirements for where the business is going, not where it is
  • Gather requirements based on people needs, process needs, and technology needs
  • Rank requirements by criticality
  • Develop the business case with ROI expectations


  • Solution Requirement Documentation
  • Vendor Requirement Documentation
  • Business Case with ROI

Elicit Proposals 3 weeks

Create RFP and Contact Vendors

  • Identify and compile a list of potential vendors who will receive RFP
  • Distribute RFP
  • Provide vendor briefings and clarify RFP
  • Review proposals and shortlist candidates


  • Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Vendor Shortlist

Facilitate Demos 8 weeks

Select vendors for software demonstrations and attend demonstrations:

  • Create real-world scenarios and use cases that reflect your organization’s business processes
  • Key stakeholders and end-users attend, filling out vendor scorecard
  • Contact references provided by the vendors to learn about their experiences with the software solution and the vendor’s support and service


  • Software & Vendor Assessment Scorecard
  • Reference Scorecards

Investigate Options 2 weeks

Evaluate vendors against requirements and provide selection recommendation

  • Aggregate software and vendor scorecard results from key stakeholders and end-users
  • Provide a written recommendation for best path forward based on results


  • Software Scorecard Results
  • Vendor Scorecard Results
  • Reference Scorecard Results
  • Executive summary with software and vendor recommendation

Negotiate 3 weeks

Review and negotiate contracts:

  • Provide insight on typical negotiable terms
  • Improve negotiation outcomes
  • Ensure data protection and compliance
  • Understand risk exposure
  • Ensure that the scope and services cover the needs


  • Redlined Professional Services Statement of Work (SOW)
  • Redlined Master Services Agreement (MSA)
  • Redlined Software Licensing & Maintenance Order

Execute Contracts 1 week

Review and negotiate contracts:

  • Sign contracts
  • Align on next steps with vendor
  • Transition to engagement team
  • Inform vendors who were not selected
  • Start planning for the software implementation phase


  • Signed contracts
  • Risk Assessment


Net at Work’s Fractional CIO & Advisory group offers specialized software and vendor selection services. Our aim is to guide organizations in choosing solutions that digitize operations, streamline processes, and bolster employee capabilities using cutting-edge technology and automation tools. Recognizing the significance of building for the future, many organizations opt for a formal software and vendor selection process.

When selecting a major business application like an ERP solution, it’s crucial to anticipate the long-term impact, as these solutions will likely be utilized well beyond 2040. Partnering with Net at Work ensures that your organization is equipped to make a judicious choice, aligning the solution with your strategic goals and future needs.


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