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Sage 500 ERP is designed for small to midsized distributors and light manufacturers with domestic operations, typically larger companies with advanced requirements.

All-in-one business management software

Sage 500 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 500) is a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that was developed to help progressive companies streamline operations and manage with insight. Sage 500 ERP integrates unmatched financial accounting software with the full range of business functions in a modular design, and with a low cost of ownership and high ROI.

Sage 500

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Sage 500 Features and Add-On Solutions

Accounting and Finance

Drive productivity and efficiency with powerful, fully integrated core financial accounting software. With Sage 500 ERP solutions, you can streamline activities, maximize efficiency and gain insight with in-depth functionality customizable to the specific needs of your business.

Sage 500 ERP delivers a strong suite of tightly integrated, GAAP compliant, Accounting and Financial modules, easily customizable to the way you do business. Integration to Microsoft Office through Sage 500 Office brings added productivity and simplifies day to day operations with pre-defined or custom templates and mail merge or export capabilities.

Accounting and Finance Modules:

Improve efficiency, reduce administrative costs and gain better control over expenditures with Accounts Payable. Automate vendor-related tasks, customize vendor management and payment procedures to suit the needs of your business.

Simplify voucher entry by automatically calculating sales taxes, discounts and due dates, as well as by defaulting general ledger accounts, payment terms, and 1099 information. Quickly access key information for day-to-day tasks and period-end processing and generate reports.

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Improve cash flow and enhance customer service through more effective management of your entire collections process. Accounts Receivable streamlines every step in your collection process from invoice entry to payment, calculates sales taxes, discounts, commissions, and due dates, and automatically updates the General Ledger account.

Group customers into parent and subsidiary relationships to facilitate orders, record payments, and check credit for all affiliated companies. Monitor customer accounts more efficiently with up-to-the-minute statistical summaries, transaction listings and in-depth management reports.

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Take control of your budget process and bring strategic insight to your distribution business planning. An enterprise-wide budgeting and planning application for distributors, Sage Budgeting and Planning shortens budgeting and planning cycles to create more effective and accurate budgets and forecasts and render a true performance analysis.

Through seamless integration with all enterprise data and General Ledger, Sage Budgeting and Planning encourages collaboration across all lines of business, ties budgeting to organizational performance and facilitates more informed warehouse and inventory management decisions.

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Deploy resources, monitor costs and plan budgets more accurately and efficiently. Allocations is a powerful yet flexible automation tool to structure nearly any allocation, distribute allocations in a variety of ways, redistribute individual transactions, and create accrual transactions. Built-in formulas enable you to perform a wide range of calculations quickly and easily to save time while enhancing the budgeting and planning process.

Processing controls allow you to run individual allocation and accrual transactions as well as transaction batches in specific periods. A complete audit trail provides a clear picture of formula calculation.

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Effectively manage assets from acquisition to disposal, and enhance your bottom line with Fixed Assets. This comprehensive fixed asset management solution enables you to fully utilize your assets, account for their value, and reap their full tax benefits.

Apply more than 300,000 IRS and GAAP rules and more than 50 methods of depreciation including MACRS, ACRS Straight Line and Declining Balance. Run depreciation calculations, create IRS-ready tax forms, define groups of assets based on any characteristic, and move fixed assets from one location or business division to another with ease. Execute partial and whole transfers plus disposals, and conduct bulk disposals with automatic gain/loss calculations. Store photos, purchase orders, warranty information, and other documents associated with each asset and view them on screen anytime.

   Recorded Webinar – Sage 500 Fixed Assets Accounting

Streamline transaction processing and reconciliations for more efficient, accurate cash management and planning. Cash Management enables you to quickly and easily handle and track a wide range of bank transactions-including deposits, withdrawals, adjustments, interest earnings and charges, bank fees, and transfers between bank accounts-with pinpoint accuracy. Extensive drill-down and drill-around capabilities deliver fast, convenient access to transaction details and source information. Cash Management easily integrates with other Sage 500 ERP modules for extended capabilities.

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Manage and depreciate your fixed assets more effectively with an accounting solution customized to your specific business needs. The Fixed Asset Accounting application seamlessly integrates with Sage 500 ERP to provide fast, accurate fixed asset management performance, acknowledged depreciation expertise, and reliable data and system security.

  • Maintain up to seven books per asset
  • Choose from 50 depreciation methods
  • Manage partial and whole transfers and disposals
  • Add, merge and extract companies

 Recorded Webinar – Sage 500 Fixed Assets Accounting

Safeguard your fixed assets, track large asset inventories efficiently and accurately, and reduce loss. Best suited for environments with more than 10,000 fixed assets, Fixed Asset Inventory provides complete inventory tracking and reconciliation functions with the capacity that only scalable client/server architecture can provide. State-of-the-art bar code technology simplifies the inventory process and makes it easier to identify loss patterns, implement loss prevention policies, and minimize asset replacement costs.

With seamless integration to Fixed Asset Accounting, Fixed Asset Inventory performs the physical inventory reconciliation process on-screen with existing asset data and prompts for decisions about discrepancies. Automatic updates provide concise, up-to-the-minute asset records.

Keep your business on track and make timely, informed decisions with fast, accurate access to critical financial data. General Ledger combines powerful functionality and flexibility with user-defined options to accommodate the most complex company structures. Set up an unlimited number of companies and customize your own chart of accounts, or choose from over a dozen industry-specific selections to use as-is or modify for quick, easy implementation.

Maintain budget data in a spreadsheet if desired, and then update the general ledger accounting information through a direct Excel link. Run virtually unlimited reports with extensive drill-down capabilities to view everything from detailed journal entries to original source documents.

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Optimize your international opportunities with streamlined, flexible management of multiple currencies, exchange schedules, and currency fluctuations. Multicurrency Manager creates and maintains an unlimited number of currencies and exchange rate schedules and provides the critical data you need for more informed decision making and improved trend analysis.

Update exchange rates on a daily basis and automatically record realized or unrealized gains and losses due to currency fluctuations to the assigned general ledger accounts. Standard reports and registers create a complete audit trail of detail activity before posting. Retain detail postings and monthly summaries for an unlimited number of years for year-to-year comparisons.

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Reduce your audit risk, stay ahead of constantly changing sales tax laws for manufacturers and ensure compliance in every market. Sales Tax automates comprehensive sales and uses tax functions ranging from jurisdiction assignment, rate research, and maintenance to reporting, returns, and remittance calculation. This hosted Web-based solution seamlessly integrates with Sage 500 ERP for manufacturing and automatically performs functions on the fly within your existing accounting application – no changes required.

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Cloud at Work

Sage 500 Cloud Hosting – A Purpose-Built Hosting Solution for Sage 500 On-Premise software

Imagine that: one company who can effectively & efficiently manage all your applications, technology & information security.

If your organization is ready for the cloud but not ready to change your on-premise Sage 500 ERP system – Cloud at Work is the answer. Cloud at Work takes all the work out of running, maintaining & backing up your critical ERP application so you can focus on running your business & not worry about running your system.

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End-to-end Sales Tax Automation for Sage 500 by Avalara

The Avalara Sage Sales Tax solution for Sage 500 extends the power of your ERP with fully integrated end-to-end sales tax management automation.

Avalara , the endorsed Sage Sales Tax solution, automatically calculates sales and use tax for transactions, invoices, and other activity powered by Sage 500.

Features and Benefits of Avalara Sales Tax Automation for Sage 500:

  • Getting started is easy
    Establish a direct link between Sage 500 and Avalara via a prebuilt connection that allows for seamless interaction.
  • Reliable tax calculations
    Avalara for Sage 500 s updated at regular intervals to reflect changing rates and rules in the 12,000+ U.S. sales and use tax jurisdictions.
  • Get a leg up on filing
    Avalara for Sage 500 takes you from sales tax calculation to filing in one fell swoop. Just pull your transaction data from Avalara to prepare your returns each filing period.
  • Detailed reporting
    24/7 access to your Avalara transaction history comes in handy for many reasons, especially during an audit. The dashboard is simple to navigate.

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Sage 500 – Business Intelligence and Reporting

Get instant visibility across your business, analyze and respond to market trends, and make better decisions. Sage 500 ERP includes a broad array of integrated business intelligence tools to create a comprehensive information management solution. Customizable report generation, inquiry, analysis, and dashboard applications work seamlessly with your Sage 500 ERP system to provide in the moment insights to every aspect of your business.

Business Intelligence and Reporting Modules:

Take control of your budget process and bring strategic insight to your distribution business planning. An enterprise-wide budgeting and planning application for distributors, Sage Budgeting and Planning shortens budgeting and planning cycles to create more effective and accurate budgets and forecasts and render a true performance analysis.

Through seamless integration with all enterprise data and General Ledger, Sage Budgeting and Planning encourages collaboration across all lines of business, ties budgeting to organizational performance and facilitates more informed warehouse and inventory management decisions.

Improve the flow of key information across all channels, such as business drivers and transaction data through templates, automatic dissemination and consolidation of the budget, central control over budget revisions, real-time integration of data sources, and built-in security mechanisms.

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Hone in on pertinent information, assess market changes and seize opportunities, and confidently make competitive business decisions. The Business Insights Dashboard keeps you in control by consolidating critical personal, corporate, and external information into one convenient and powerful dashboard. Access analytical and collaborative tools with a single click, leverage key performance indicators and move from reactive to proactive in every area of your business.

Using .NET and Web Browser technology, this customizable solution puts up-to-date company metrics, ad hoc inquiry, and competitive intelligence at your fingertips. Easily create new data views (Web Parts) to track almost any business scenario imaginable.

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Assess critical business intelligence quickly, minimize risks and make more strategic decisions. Business Insights Analyzer is an intuitive, easy-to-use analytics tool that provides important insights into your business data in a logical, comprehensive grid format. View real-time information in summary or detail, including budget analysis, sales history, purchase history, project profitability, and production analysis.

Powerful filtering, grouping, and sorting capabilities let you organize the way you want it to make the best decisions faster. Analyze each view using the included Excel pivot tables and charts; easily extend capabilities by adding additional SQL views.

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Turn data into knowledge that you can act on with powerful, personalized sorting, grouping, and filtering capabilities. Business Insights Explorer provides a 360-degree view of your business for instant, real-time access to the critical information that drives your most competitive decisions.

Flexible and user-friendly, the Business Insight Explorer inquiry and analysis application features a streamlined grid interface that spans multiple data elements in one view, including contacts, GL transactions, balances, payments, invoices, sales orders, purchase orders, work orders, projects, and many, many more. Change views for the same customer, drill down to the transaction level and access customer maintenance for edits. Launch familiar Sage 500 ERP tasks directly from within Business Insights Explorer and find the information you’re looking for without losing your place.

Proactively monitor your business, shorten business cycle times, and dramatically improve employee and customer communications and satisfaction with Sage 500 ERP Alerts. Designed to keep you and your employees informed of business developments in real time, Sage 500 ERP Alerts notifies you by email whenever something significant happens in your Sage 500 ERP database. Stay automatically informed about credit holds, inventory thresholds, sales ratios, urgency levels, and priority client and vendor transactions. Choose notifications from a series of predefined alerts, or customize them to your specific business needs.

  • Respond to changing business conditions 24/7
  • Monitor date- and time-sensitive events
  • Keep employees informed for better decision making
  • Improve customer service and build customer loyalty

 Watch a Recorded Webcast of Sage Alerts for Sage 500

Leverage familiar Microsoft Office productivity tools and watch your efficiency, business communications and customer service take off. A key component of Sage 500 ERP, Office powers up productivity by enabling you to create a wide range of highly customized documents including business letters, email, spreadsheets and more — without ever leaving Sage 500 ERP.

Access predefined, customizable templates to automatically or manually generate business communications that incorporate application data. Build stronger customer relationships through enhanced communications. Use Sage 500 ERP spreadsheets as budget analysis tools to transfer business data into Microsoft Excel, modify as desired, and then update the data directly in the ERP system.

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Take advantage of browser-based access to many of the reports in your Sage 500 ERP operational modules. Generate and view reports through Microsoft® Internet Explorer at the same high level of security as the standard output..

Create and customize meaningful, presentation-quality reports from your Sage 500 ERP data. Crystal Reports is a powerful WYSIWYG report writer that allows you to create meaningful business financial reporting and other reports quickly and easily. Use a wide range of standard reports straight out of the box or customize them to suit your needs with specific options, selection criteria and sort preferences.

Leverage the power of SQL Server to fine-tune reports for high performance — even when data volume is significant. Output reports to paper or to a Web page at your discretion.

Quickly and easily gain control and obtain the information you need for operations and strategic planning. Sage 500 ERP Intelligence and Reporting allows you to spend more time focusing on analysis and interpretation and less time pulling the data together. Analyze Sage 500 ERP data using the familiar look of Microsoft® Excel. Effortlessly create real-time, automated, and preformatted reports with up-to-date, accurate, and meaningful information.

Build your intelligence solution from four elements so it works the way you want. Report Manager allows you to create and edit new reports as well as to filter and aggregate data. A Report Viewer License provides you with the ability to view reports and drill-down into existing reports and templates. Report Designer expands upon the functionality of the Report Manager to provide simplified “drag and drop” report creation capabilities.

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 Sage 500 Financial Reporting (FRx Replacement) Options : Sage Intelligence, Renovo, Biznet

KnowledgeSync powered by Vineyardsoft Corporation, a Sage Endorsed Solution

Monitor and respond to critical business conditions with real-time alerts. KnowledgeSync for manufacturers is your invisible assistant, monitoring your business for events and conditions that require your awareness and immediate response. Identify the elements that are crucial to the success of your manufacturing business and trigger personalized alerts about any changes via email, fax, pager, cell phone and screen pop-up. Dynamically analyze data between multiple business functions (e.g., Accounting, Inventory, and CRM) and take the right action quickly.


ConnectPoint™ powered by Net at Work ECM

ConnectPoint is an integration tool designed to connect your Sage 500 ERP software with Microsoft SharePoint Document Management, allowing for interoperability between the two applications. Leveraging the inherent document management capabilities of SharePoint; invoices, credit memos, letters, routing slips and other related documents are captured, stored, and then routed according to customizable workflow approvals. ConnectPoint then pushes the appropriate information into Sage 500 ERP so it can be posted. With a click of a button. ConnectPoint enables Sage 500 ERP users to seamlessly access these documents directly from within the Sage ERP interface.

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 Recorded Webinar – Document Management for Sage 500 ERP



Purchasing Management

Sage 500 ERP combines the advanced algorithms of requirements planning with the convenience and accuracy of an advanced purchasing and receiving process, customizable to your workflow. Vendor performance reporting, freight and third party expense allocation, receipt and invoice matching, and directed put-away increase the accuracy and efficiency of the Purchase Management process.

Purchasing Management Modules:

Experience painless EDI with a cost-effective, fully integrated EDI solution for Sage 500 ERP. TrueCommerce EDI Solutions provides all the software, network services and support you need to successfully implement an EDI solution that delivers robust functionality and unparalleled scalability, yet it is simple to deploy and maintain. With TrueCommerce, EDI, there are no annual maintenance fees or network subscription fees, no early termination fees, and support and software and mapping updates are free.

With TrueCommerce EDI, you can:

  • Attract larger customers with dynamic EDI capabilities
  • Import purchase orders with the click of a button
  • Reduce data entry mistakes and save on administration costs

Get full control over your warehouse inventory, record assets accurately and improve customer satisfaction with robust inventory management software for distributors. Inventory Management provides real-time, accurate information on your assets, including receipt, location and disposition of goods, as well as their precise value and status. Prevent lost sales or shipment delays caused by inventory understocking and avoid the costs of overstocking. Comprehensive reports provide up-to-the-minute data and unlimited transaction histories for better planning and budgeting for your distribution business.

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Simplify your purchasing and receiving processes, improve accuracy and customize workflows to fit the way you do business with the advanced functionality and flexibility of Purchase Order. Create requisitions using date, originator, item description, quantity, and date required, even if vendor information is unavailable, tightly control buyers’ spending limits, and run complete audit tracking for maximum accountability. Increase productivity with the ability to create purchase orders automatically based on inventory requirements.

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Sales Management

Sage 500 ERP, with its integrated credit card payment functions, automated sales tax calculations, customizable data entry screens, and directed pick, pack and ship, simplify and streamline the sales process. All of this functionality is closely integrated with customer records, multiple ship to addresses, returns authorization processing, and flexible pricing options to enhance the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction. Sales trending and projected demand inform the replenishment planning function to enable supply chain management efficiencies.

Sales Management Modules:

Reduce your audit risk, stay ahead of constantly changing sales tax laws and ensure compliance in every market. Sage 500 ERP Sales Tax automates comprehensive sales and use tax functions ranging from jurisdiction assignment, rate research, and maintenance to reporting, returns, and remittance calculation. This hosted Web-based solution seamlessly integrates with Sage 500 ERP and automatically performs functions on the fly within your existing accounting application – no changes required.

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Establish a wide range of item- or customer-specific information at the sales order line, including shipping information, drop shipment requirements, commissions, account numbers, vital order dates, sales tax, and trade discount percentages. Price inventory items for maximum profitability based on customer class, location, discounts, or any number of criteria your business requires. Assign each line item its own ship-to address, salesperson, tax rate, ship date, ship-from location and drop ship.

Improve employee satisfaction and productivity as well. Empower customer service representatives to personalize the order entry screen with their most frequently used data entry items, copy previous orders and drill down to track a transaction to its original source.

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Process credit card transactions easily and securely with Credit Card Processing powered by Sage Payment Solutions. Together with your Sage Merchant Account, this module provides a complete credit card processing solution for mail order, telephone order and Internet businesses.

Enter data for consumer, corporate and government card transactions through the Sales Order and Accounts Receivable modules; information is captured and securely stored for historical and reconciliation purposes and is available online 24/7. Credit Card Processing is compliant with Visa and MasterCard Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards.

Implement smart return policies, easily track and process returns and replacements, and build customer loyalty. The Sage 500 ERP Sales Order module features a formalized Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process to help you simplify returns and issue credit, replacement or repair. RMA tracks the reasons for returns, calculates restocking fees and provides detailed reports to give you insight into your returns and help you identify areas of concern.

Flexible RMA processing allows you to determine whether or not non-inventory items can be returned, how to calculate freight, discounts and commissions, and whether or not you want to track RMA expiration dates. Set parameters to allow full or partial returns of kits and kit components. Convenient built-in return features let you determine which bins to place returned items into, restrict returns to valid lot and serial numbers, and optionally charge restocking fees, issue replacement items, or credit customer accounts.

Configure products for sales orders and create new items on the fly with this intuitive manufacturing software interface. Sage 500 ERP Product Configurator provides customer service personnel with an easy-to-use interface for feature/option selection, and integration with Sales Order Entry. Easily identify and select configured parts and configure base products quickly using a double mouse click or search function.

  • Easily set up and maintain features and options
  • Quickly build new items from customer specifications
  • Define options as ranges and use in calculations
  • Save and reuse popular configurations as standard parts

Experience painless EDI with a cost-effective, fully integrated EDI solution for Sage 500 ERP. TrueCommerce EDI Solutions provides all the software, network services and support you need to successfully implement an EDI solution that delivers robust functionality and unparalleled scalability, yet it is simple to deploy and maintain. With TrueCommerce, EDI, there are no annual maintenance fees or network subscription fees, no early termination fees, and support and software and mapping updates are free.

With TrueCommerce EDI, you can:

  • Attract larger customers with dynamic EDI capabilities
  • Import purchase orders with the click of a button
  • Reduce data entry mistakes and save on administration costs

Increase Profitability and Win More Business with Exceptionally Accurate Estimates Sage 500 ERP Estimates help you provide more than an educated guess regarding the total cost of production because they include materials, outside processing, and labor, as well as overhead rates and one-time charges for tooling and engineering. Estimates can be copied from or to: existing routings, bills of material or even work orders; allowing quick creation of new estimates based on similar items or previous estimates.

  • Accurately calculate costs and prices for new parts using existing inventory costs, work center rates, and other data
  • Quickly convert estimates to customer quotes or sales orders
  • Assign critical business dates to each estimate to accurately track start date, promised date, required date, order date, manufacturing release date

 Download Spec Sheet

eBusiness Web Services powered by RKL, a Sage Endorsed Solution Sharpen your competitive edge online with advanced e-commerce capabilities.

Operate 24/7 and enable customers to securely access your business, update their profiles, place orders and get support any time of the day or night. The eBusiness Suite for Sage 500 ERP enables powerful, intuitive browser-based B2B and B2C ecommerce solutions for your business. Provide up-to-the-minute information to customers, salespeople, and customer service representatives around the clock. Boost sales and create a buyer-friendly experience by customizing item descriptions and providing exact item availability and order delivery dates.

  • Create fast, customized B2B and B2C eCommerce solutions
  • Utilize standard Sage 500 ERP pricing rules
  • Provide remote access to sales and customer service representatives
  • Integrate additional applications with Sage 500 ERP



Inventory and Warehouse Management

Whether your business has one warehouse or many, specializes in distribution or manufacturing, uses physical or virtual locations, requires lot and serial tracking and distribution, covers acres or consists of a backroom, Sage 500 ERP has the flexibility to maximize your efficiencies, increase inventory turns, and minimize both shortages and overstocks.

Inventory and Warehouse Management Modules:

Meet demand and reduce inventory and carrying costs with Inventory Replenishment, the strongest supply chain-centric forecasting and automated procurement software available today. Advanced forecasting capabilities provide tools to more precisely predict what customers will buy and ensure you have sufficient stock while reducing the carrying costs of unwanted goods.

Use one of four popular methods to automatically calculate how much to purchase of each product, based on user-defined input that best suits your business practices. Incorporate key factors such as seasonal cycles, sales history and lead times to determine the appropriate order point for inventory. Automatically move stock between warehouse locations — a valuable feature for centralized hub-and-spoke distributors.

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With a warehouse-centric design, Inventory Management enables you to track costs and sales histories by warehouse, quickly locate items your customer’s request, and usemulti- bin to strategically stock items throughout the warehouse to enable flexible picking methods. Process and ship orders even during inventory cycle counts to ensure that your business continually operates at peak efficiency.

Inventory Management supports both assemble-to-order and build-to-order kits and includes full lot and serial number tracking. In addition, it supports FIFO, LIFO, Average, Actual, Standard, and Warehouse-Specific Costing. More advanced features include support for fixed asset inventories, substitute item definition, landed cost calculations, inventory catalog management, and powerful unit of measure conversion tables.

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Align your warehouse processes, increase productivity, and cut time and costs with industry-leading inventory and warehouse management software. A powerful extension of Inventory Management and Inventory Replenishment, Warehouse Management provides advanced features ideal for wholesale distributors, manufacturers, and other companies that buy, stock, sell, or manufacture products.

Dramatically increase the number of orders that can be picked during each shift with either zone or wave picking methods, which allow pickers to concentrate on items within a particular area of the warehouse.

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Sage 500 ERP provides up-to-date item statistics, including on-hand quantities, current purchase orders, work orders, transfer orders, and other elements that affect planning decisions in a single planning screen.

Calculations use advanced replenishment formulas and demand forecasting principles to produce extremely accurate material and distribution plans. Maintain multiple MRP versions to run what-if simulations. Plan purchases, production, and inventory transfers, enabling Capable to Promise (CTP) inquiries during Sales Order Entry. Integration with Project Accounting provides a critical management system for companies with material-intensive projects.

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Sage 500 – Customer Relationship Management

Build customer satisfaction and loyalty and a better ROI with Sage 500 ERP. Set new standards for customer service, improve loyalty and retention, and boost sales. Sage Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution integrates with your Sage 500 ERP system to profile, track and target customers for a better bottom line. Get immediate access to critical customer data and increase productivity throughout your business with real-time data sharing.


Human Resources Management and Payroll

If you’re using a service bureau for payroll processing, there’s a better way. Cut your costs and maintain absolute control over your payroll with in-house payroll processing through Sage 300 ERP. Easily handle any payroll function from basic to specialized, including all pay frequencies and earnings, multiple locations and currencies, taxes and reporting, benefits, and more.

Human Resources Management and Payroll Modules:

Improve alignment between your people and your business objectives and make your employees one of your company’s strongest and most competitive assets. Make more effective strategic decisions, alleviate economic pressures and quickly resolve the multitude of tactical issues HR faces every day. Sage Abra leverages HR’s knowledge, processes, and systems to achieve optimal return on employee investment (ROEI).

The Sage 300 ERP Payroll module allows your business to effectively and efficiently process payroll in-house. Eliminate duplicate data entry, as time and payroll information are entered only once and seamlessly shared in the ERP system. Your organization can easily manage complex payroll accounting requirements and process paychecks and direct deposits correctly on time, every time.

Use a variety of calculation methods for employee benefits, earnings, and deductions, while easily keeping up to date with the latest changes in tax rates and filing requirements. Using a completely connected system allows you to centralize the information required for compliance with government mandates and keep proper records for proactive defense against any employee litigation that involves compensation.

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Managing Payroll across multiple companies and countries has always been difficult, and regardless of how global an organization is, it still has to pay its people locally. Wherever in the world the business holds its funds, it has a responsibility to pay its employees in the local currency and must tax its employees under the local rules.

Sage 300 ERP provides both U.S. and Canadian payroll processing out of the box or can be configured to work with local payroll systems. The added complexity of running multiple companies, subsidiaries, and multicurrency requirements are easily managed by Sage 300 ERP.

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Increase employee satisfaction and reduce costs with convenient direct deposit through EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) Direct Payroll.

Add a valuable employee benefit and eliminate the time and cost of printing and distributing paychecks. EFT Direct Payroll is a simple, fast add-on that works seamlessly with your Sage 300 ERP Payroll solution to provide electronic funds transfer and direct deposit capabilities for major banks and trust companies in Canada and the United States.



Time and Project Management

Sage 500 ERP Time and Project Management solutions include project management software tools that deliver powerful features and exceptional flexibility, putting you in control of your projects and helping your business achieve the operational edge required to excel in today’s market.

Time and Project Management Modules:

Project Accounting

Track actual against estimated costs through forecast completion to prevent cost overruns and increase bottom-line savings. Detailed estimating function allows estimation of multiple cost types and enables reporting and analysis at multiple levels. Data-driven contract rates handle numerous and complex project rates, making it easy to control rate changes and profitability.

Optimize project profitability through appropriate project type selection – whether it’s time and materials, fixed price, or both. Utilize six GAAP-compliant profit recognition methods to control profit recognized over each period, resulting in a well-managed revenue stream.

 Download Spec Sheet


Sage 500 eCommerce Integration

Magento eCommerce seamlessly integrates with Sage 500 ERP to “push and pull” data including product details, inventory levels, payment and shipping, customer information, sales orders, and status updates. The information exchanged is securely and automatically synchronized between Sage 500 ERP and Magento.

This complete integration of Sage 500 ERP and Magento reduces time, effort and expense related to order fulfillment, leading to fewer late shipments, returns, and canceled orders. Your Total Cost of Ownership is reduced through streamlined business processes and IT infrastructure. As a Cloud-based service, the integration works through webservices, a database connection, or file import and export giving you the ultimate flexibility in connecting your sage 500 ERP system to Magento.

magento integration sage 500



Sage 500 Document Management By Altec

altec-sage-endorsed-solution-2The Sage 500 Document Management Suite electronically captures documents, streamlines business processes using workflow, automates the routing and distribution of all printed documents, reports and forms, and provides instant retrieval from the desktop or web.


Capture documents generated internally and externally.

  • ERM (Electronic Report Management) print captures and automatically indexes documents and reports.
  • Capture scanned and faxed documents.
  • Print capture documents from Microsoft® Office.
  • Automate capture and indexing with OCR, Barcode and XML Import.


Workflow processes provide control and approval of documents.

  • User configurable to move documents through business processes.
  • Automate business rules to streamline processing.
  • Configurable approval stamps and annotations.
  • Export capability to eliminate data entry.
  • Sage 500 Document Management Smart Form for custom data capture and entry.


Schedule and distribute documents automatically based on receiver preferences.

  • Automatically distribute documents to recipients based on their preferences — e-mail, fax, FTP or print.
  • Templates can be created to isolate and communicate data to the exact needs of the recipient.
  • Supporting documents can be collated behind primary document for automated distribution.

Access and Share

Retrieve, view, annotate and route documents instantly.

  • Document access is fully protected with role-based security.
  • Full audit tracking of all actions to a document.

Altec Enterprise Document Management   Recorded Webinar:

Sage ERP Document Management by Altec
In this recorded web session: we will present integrated document management for Sage ERP, and the ROI of this automation tactic. You will see how you can adopt Document Management in any department, with any process, anywhere.

Watch Now!



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