UNLEASH the power of your wholesale distribution company 

Net at Work’s expert technology advisors help small-to-medium-sized wholesale distributors unleash new levels of productivity, efficiency and profitability through the transformative power of technology.  

Meeting the Evolving Challenges in Wholesale Distribution

Changing customer demands. Shrinking margins. Continued supply chain and workforce challenges. These are just a few of the pressures faced by wholesale distributors today. The fast pace of technology development, along with strides in cost efficiency, means your business can proactively enhance the customer experience, deepen value throughout the supply chain and improve cost-to-serve profiles by aligning with an expert distribution technology advisor. 


Next Generation enterprise resource planning (ERP), as part of your unique Digital Operations Platform (DOP)—coupled with our expert advisory services—can help distribution companies thrive amidst near constant change. Our breadth of technology solutions, services and skills have helped our distribution clients to: 

  • Reduce order and delivery times
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve sales, purchasing and warehouse management
  • Enhance decision making through cost and profitability analysis
  • Gain real-time visibility and insight across the global supply chain
  • Future-proof operations and inventory management

Our technology experts are well-versed in both legacy and modern, cloud-based systems, so we understand your existing technology environment as well as where you’re headed to be ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

ERP for Wholesale Distribution


“Net at Work has helped us future-proof the operation. We’ve successfully combined our traditional business approach with cutting-edge technology. It’s exciting and rewarding to know that Artistic Tile is well prepared for the growth we expect in the coming years.”

- Michael Epstein, Chief Marketing Officer, Artistic Tile



DOP is the successor to previous generations of accounting and business management software. This platform extends ERP functionality to include business intelligence and analytics, eCommerce, Warehouse Management System (WMS) and more.

The core of DOP is Next Generation ERP, which is built on modern cloud technology that is easy to work with and simple to maintain. A cloud ERP allows your distribution company to scale operations efficiently—often without adding administrative personnel.

Through Next Generation ERP, you can harness vast amounts of vital business data to help facilitate faster, better decision making while supporting and extending your relationships with customers, manufacturers, employees, vendors and other stakeholders. 
Learn how you can enhance your distribution operations by contacting Net at Work today.

DOP for Wholesale Distribution



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Riley Sales

Riley Sales turned to Net at Work to help select, implement and optimize its Next-gen ERP application. The company’s new ERP allows them to:

  1. Reduce their monthly close from 22 days to 5 days
  2. Eliminate the need for an additional FTE position
  3. Gain visibility into margins and flexibility to adjust pricing by a variety of factors
Riley Sales - Mobile

Riley Sales turned to Net at Work, to help select, implement and optimize its Next Generation ERP application.

Artistic Tile

Artistic Tile lays a foundation for growth with migration from its legacy accounting software to Next Generation Distribution ERP

  1. Surpassed previous year’s record-breaking revenues 
  2. Keeps its system users informed, involved and empowered, leading to internal advancement 
  3. Quickly reacts to order fulfillment, positively impacting the customer experience 

Wholesale Distributor Realizes 25% Efficiency Gain with Move to Next-Gen ERP

  1. Experiencing 25% efficiency gains across teams and departments
  2. Automated workflows and business reduce staff touchpoints, decreasing the time to payment and increasing cash flow
  3. Even with three acquisitions, only one new finance hire was needed
  4. Configurable and customizable platform addresses unique needs while remaining simple to update
JR’s POS Depot

Migrating to Acumatica Cloud ERP helped accelerate JR’s POS Depot’s growth with the following features:

  1. Hosted, cloud deployment provides access from anywhere
  2. Cloud deployment and guaranteed uptime ensures worry-free operation and reduced IT resources
  3. Scalable solution, streamlined processes, and integration with third-party applications enabled the company to pursue larger volume customers
  4. Simplified compliance with robust product traceability and powerful reporting capabilities
JR’s POS Depot - Mobile

JR’s POS Depot Credits Net at Work and Acumatica for Helping It Scale

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What Sets Net at Work Apart?

Our team of specialists are versed in both legacy and modern, cloud-based systems – so we know your existing technology environment as well as where you’re headed. That’s the power of Net at Work.

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