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Recorded Webinar:

Future Finance for Nonprofits

We’ll show how nonprofits leverage a hybrid model that still allows functional leaders to employ the tools that fit best, while addressing & automating data flows and eliminating the symptoms that are common when they are manual.

Recorded Webinar:

Why You NEED AP Automation

No department in any company is more strangled by data than AP. There’s too much paper, convoluted access to documents, and little, or no control, over day-to-day processes. Don’t spend another year wasting countless hours processing paper invoices manually. Recoup this time AND MORE!

Recorded Webinar:

Next Gen Financial & Management Reporting with Sage Intacct

Most organizations have lots of different systems where they collect business data and other operational performance information. Unfortunately, they lack the tools to effectively convert this information into useful decision support. Siloed systems, weak reporting tools and manual processes conspire to keep this information out of the hands of stakeholders when it would most valuable.

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