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The CFO’s Guide to Planning and Analysis: How to Hit Your Goals and Be Ready for What’s Next

It’s no secret that the pandemic taught CFOs how crucial it is to constantly assess operations and adjust plans in response to change in the market. While it varied business to business, virtually all companies had to rise to a period of existential challenge and reassess their previous assumptions.


NetSuite’s Planning & Budgeting Tool Faster & Simpler Budgeting in NetSuite

Organizations using NetSuite to run their core operations/financials have increased their efficiency by adding the NetSuite Planning and Budgeting module, a tool that automates labor-intensive budgeting processes. With this tool, finance teams can quickly and easily produce budgets/forecasts, and generate reports — all within one collaborative, scalable solution.

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Make or Break Metrics: 20 KPIs Every Growing Business Should Track

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are quantifiable business metrics that track and measure an organization’s progress toward its strategic objectives. More than just numbers, KPIs tell a story about how well a company is performing.


Next Gen Supply Chain – Why NetSuite Cloud ERP is at the Forefront

Watch this on-demand webinar for a discussion on the top trends influencing supply chain optimization and the crucial role enterprise platforms like NetSuite, the #1 Cloud ERP have in overcoming supply chain challenges.


Solving Supply Chain Challenges – Why Manufacturers & Distributors are Moving to NetSuite Cloud ERP

The pandemic revealed significant vulnerabilities in supply chains around the world. The challenge now is to build them back – better, and digital technologies like ERP & inventory management are at the forefront of the transformation. See firsthand why NetSuite, the #1 Cloud ERP Business Management Solution, is being adopted at an accelerating pace, helping organizations address their most pressing issues, as well as unleash considerable competitive advantage.


The Role Cloud ERP Technology Plays in Supply Chain Automation

Emerging trends and best practices in supply chain automation Technology advancements continue to drive and transform supply chain automation. Every year, supply chain processes become increasingly automated, efficient, and cost-effective. Driving these changes are technology and software innovations that benefit…


8 Must Have Add-Ons to Power NetSuite

In our effort to assist NetSuite users in unleashing the full power of their software investment, we’ve highlighted our top picks for third-party add-on solutions, and are bringing them directly to you. In this 2-part presentation you will see 8 solutions presented by our partners, each demonstrated for 15 minutes. Think of it as a form of vendor speed-dating.


Inventory Management Fuels Supply Chain Optimization

This ebook examines the role of inventory management in each step of the supply chain and shares best practices for how businesses can use inventory management to optimize operations.

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