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Leading CRM Solutions – An Overview and Comparison

Get an expert’s feedback on the constantly changing CRM landscape In this recorded webcast we provide an overview and comparison of leading CRM solutions that companies can benefit from including: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Sage CRM.          We highlight the…


Optimizing Salesforce for Remote Work

In a time of social distancing, many organizations are embracing remote work on a large scale for the first time. For these organizations, it can be a major cultural shift to have employees working from home. Fortunately, with CRM solutions such as Salesforce, business leaders can feel confident that the transition to a remote workforce will not only be a smooth one in the short term, but can also bring about lasting organizational change.

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Salesforce & Sage ERP Integration: A Powerful Combination

Salesforce is a powerful player in the world of CRM. As the world’s leading provider of cloud CRM many organizations put their faith in this robust “Customer Success Platform.”


Salesforce CRM Integration with MS Dynamics ERP

In this session we’ll discuss how Salesforce integration with MS Dynamics ERP works, the best practices for implementation, and also show a live demo of MS Dynamics ERP integrated with Salesforce.

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