Accounts Payable Automation


Eliminate your manual processes, automate and streamline transactions in accounts payable and beyond.


DocLink allows you to eliminate all your paper and streamline your manual processes in AP. You can capture, process, retrieve and deliver your business files automatically. Tasks are completed in minutes instead of hours or days. And DocLink provides you with visibility to your entire AP lifecycle.

  • Assign employees security permissions for access to specific document types. Searchable via desktop and mobile, these documents will no longer be lost in filing cabinets nor offsite storage.
  • Eliminate approval delays and late penalty fees. Approvers can respond through the DocLink client, email, and even mobile devices. Users can send notifications after preset times for unanswered requests.
  • Regardless of how a document comes into your business, safely capture and index its data automatically. Our solutions get that information through email, fax, scan, barcode, and optical character recognition (OCR).


X3CloudDocs is an intelligent document management platform that integrates seamlessly with Sage X3. X3CloudDocs delivers immediate value to your finance department through digital transformation and automation. Designed specifically for Sage X3 by expert Sage X3 developers, X3CloudDocs provides:

  • Cost and time savings on each invoice processed
  • Efficient automation from processing to approvals, reducing manual entry by up to 90%
  • The ability to receive invoices from a variety of sources
  • Complete control over workflows and business specific rules
  • Complete audit trails and full visibility and traceability
  • A Cloud-based solution suitable for remote working

Extend the Power of Sage X3

Elevate your Sage X3 business management solution with optional features designed for businesses like yours.

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