Budgeting & CPM


Make quicker and more informed business decisions while shortening the planning and budgeting process.


Easily involve different stakeholders to help drive accuracy and focus on effective cash flow planning. Prophix lets you project your balance sheet using previous actuals, variations of your income, data from your other models, and automated plug calculations to make your life easier.

SageX3 with Prophix allows customers to:

  • Build intuitive financial and operational models to support evolving strategy across the enterprise
  • Automate budgeting to reduce risk of errors and improve collaboration via workflow
  • Forecast across multiple entities, business units, departments, and regions from a single source of the truth
  • Consolidate multiple data sources for truly integrated financial planning
  • Reduce the time spent on data collection and spend it on valuable data analysis


True Sky uses the powerful interface of Excel to provide you with real-time access to information, increased process control, tighter security, and greater accuracy. With True Sky allows you to better align strategies and priorities, meet financial targets, and rapidly adjust to market changes.

  • Easily involve the right people in the process and ensure everyone is working with a single version of the truth.
  • Implement validation rules that improve the quality of the data. Configure approval flows to ensure commitment and accountability. Quickly identify core issues with deep dive analysis.
  • Build new data models and templates on demand. Deploy reusable content that dynamically adjusts over time. Effortlessly update rolling forecasts and long term projections.
  • Access automatically consolidated data live and in real time. Review audit trails to identify errant entries. Safeguard against unauthorized access and edits to the numbers.

Extend the Power of Sage X3

Elevate your Sage X3 business management solution with optional features designed for businesses like yours.


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