Warehouse Management


Optimize your operations from receiving inventory to pick, pack and ship.


Sage X3 ERP Data Collection is a robust automated data collection solution that communicates directly with Sage X3 for the seamless and secure processing of a broad array of shop floor and warehouse business transactions allowing businesses to become more efficient, productive, and profitable.

With Sage X3 Data Collection, companies can benefit as mentioned below:

  • Increased productivity through faster put away and picking times
  • Accurate & timely information from the warehouse without keying errors
  • Verifying data before it is posted into Sage X3
  • More accurate inventory counts resulting in lower carrying costs, cost reductions from tracking down fewer inventory errors
  • Reduced overhead by accommodating higher data volumes with fewer errors


Warehouse Manager by Datalinx is a wireless warehouse management solution utilizing rugged hand-held scanners and dedicated screens that empower warehouse personnel with extensive capabilities surrounding all core warehouse operations, from stock enquiries to order picking, receiving, allocations, product counts, transfers, work order issues and much more. Benefits include:

  • Increase stock location accuracy by automatically recording quantities and the location across multiple bins
  • Boost inventory accuracy through improved accuracy of receipt, stocking, and picking
  • Increase picking speed while minimizing errors and boosting throughput of individual pickers
  • Boost productivity by eliminating duplicate and manual data entry
  • Improve customer service through increased order accuracy and real-time stock availability


HighJump’s warehouse management solutions optimize work direction at an operational level to dramatically increase efficiency and drive down costs—empowering operational excellence, on-time customer orders and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.

  • Advanced functionality increases inventory turns and provides detailed worker accountability, resulting in heightened productivity
  • Real-time work direction, confirmation and verification, provide employees with immediate feedback on work accuracy
  • Accurate order picking allows you to deliver complete orders on time
  • Directed stock rotation, intelligent picking directives, automatic consolidation, and cross-docking maximize the use of valuable warehouse space
  • Real-time monitoring and FIFO rotation reduce spoilage and high levels of worker accountability empower you to detect shrinkage problems



Extend the Power of Sage X3

Elevate your Sage X3 business management solution with optional features designed for businesses like yours.


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