Citrix application serving and portal products enable businesses of all sizes to extend the virtual workplace to any device over any connection.

Citrix MetaFrame Access Suite

The Citrix® MetaFrame® Access Suite is the easiest way for organizations to provide a secure, single point of access to enterprise applications and information on demand, while ensuring a consistent user experience anywhere, anytime, using any device, over any connection. Extending the world’s most widely deployed presentation server, the Citrix MetaFrame Access Suite enables IT staffs to deliver, manage, monitor and measure enterprise resources on demand.

Citrix MetaFrame XP XenApp (Formerly known as Presentation Server)

Citrix XenApp™, a member of the Citrix Delivery Center product family, is an end-to-end Windows application delivery system that offers both client-side and server-side application virtualization, for optimal application performance and flexible delivery options. It’s the best access experience for any user. With the secure application architecture, organizations can centralize applications and data in secure data centers, reducing costs of management and support, increasing data security, and ensuring fast, reliable performance.

Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server for UNIX

With Citrix® MetaFrame® Presentation Server for UNIX, remote, mobile and local users in heterogeneous environments can access UNIX and Java applications from any device, over any connection, and no longer need multiple desktops or software emulation packages.

Citrix MetaFrame Secure Access Manager

Citrix MetaFrame Secure Access Manager provides secure, single-point access over the Web to any enterprise resource, including client/server, legacy, and Web applications, Internet and intranet sites, streaming media, documents, network file services, and Web services. With a powerful set of easy-to-use, wizard-driven configuration tools, IT administrators can enable browser-based access to the IT infrastructure – configured for each user’s business needs, with secure connectivity over the Web.

Citrix MetaFrame Password Manager

Designed to work seamlessly with both MetaFrame Presentation Server and MetaFrame Secure Access Manager, Citrix® MetaFrame® Password Manager provides password security and single sign-on access to Windows, Web, proprietary and host-based applications running in the MetaFrame Access Suite environment or on a variety of desktop clients. Users authenticate once with a single password, and MetaFrame Password Manager does the rest, automatically logging into password-protected IT systems.

Citrix MetaFrame Conferencing Manager

Citrix® MetaFrame® Conferencing Manager adds intuitive application conferencing to MetaFrame XP™ Presentation Server and eliminates the geographical distance between team members, increases the productivity of meetings, and allows easy collaboration. For the first time, teams can now share application sessions, work together on document editing, and conduct online training regardless of the location of individual team members or the access devices or network connections they’re using.

What can it do for you?

Workforce Mobility

Access information on demand. Citrix workforce mobility solutions enable a workplace where centralized information and applications are accessible in real-time from any device, anywhere, over any connection.

Remote Office Connectivity

Securely deliver and maintain applications and information to remote offices and contact centers. Citrix remote office connectivity solutions enable application access from one centralized location, reducing the cost of provisioning branch offices individually.

Enterprise Application Deployment

Speed deployment and increase efficiency. Citrix Enterprise Application Deployment solutions can accelerate delivery of a full range of business-critical applications and data across the enterprise.

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