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Dmitriy Edelshteyn

Technical Consultant and Software Developer

Dmitry came to Net at Work in October 1997 as our seventh employee (we are now over 170 strong!) He had recently arrived from Kazakhstan, knew FoxPro programming and could speak Russian with Net at Work’s other engineers at the time. Initially he was hired as both a developer and to support our clients’ IT needs. He has long left the IT support team and as Net at Work grew, he became certified in FoxPro (program used for the product known as SBT and Sage Pro ERP), Sage 500, Document Management, and now over the last few years, Sage ERP X3.

Dmitry is involved in the design, management, building and implementing of technical solutions in all areas of business applications. He is an integral lead on our integration team and a master with SQL whether it be optimization, analysis or programming.