After 20+ years in business, we wanted to re-ignite the passion and commitment that first drove our founders to launch the company… the same passion and commitment that still drive and define us today.

Our new logo and overall brand now better reflect what we do and the impact and value we deliver to our clients and extended ecosystem. The first thing you’ll notice about our new logo is the @ symbol (from our old logo) has been replaced with a stylized version of the word “at.” This also means that, from now on, we’ll be spelling out our full name:

Net at Work. Clean and simple.

The design of the logo also portrays the positive energy and momentum we bring to helping our clients unleash new levels of performance and productivity.

Another change is the addition of our new tagline, “Business Performance Unleashed.” It’s a promise that each of us at Net at Work strives to deliver to every client on every project.

Here’s what hasn’t changed: our commitment to building trusted relationships with our clients and partners by serving as a one-stop source of deep expertise and guidance.

We look forward to continuing to help you unleash new levels of business performance for your organization.

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