Business Resolutions for the New Year

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New Years time is a classic period for personal introspection. Many personal resolutions come out this process, but is it appropriate for a business to go through the same process? Absolutely.

So what may a business resolve to do differently? The answer of course is as diverse as the number of firms in operation, but here are two big ones to keep in mind:

  1. Resolve to re-examine at at least 3 business processes that exist in your company. This can be as mundane as accounts payable or a focus of innovation like new product sourcing. The key is to go in to a re-examination with a focus on efficiency and elimination of wasted effort. Simply challenging a current process will often yield good results.
  2. Engage employees in creative problem solving. Small and mid-sized firms tend to be top down driven decision makers. Resolve to promote a more grass roots method for problem solving by issuing challenges to employee groups. The results may be expected, but having a bottom up approach should at the very least promote responsibility for the results. And a good solution may appear that was not apparent.

Like a personal resolution, the success or failure of a business change process is dependent on commitment and execution. However, when dealing with an organization keep in mind that promoting this sort of change can have positive results long after a particular business process is ever changed.  Happy New Year!