Improving Productivity with Cloud & IT Managed Services

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All organizations seek to improve productivity; there are various ways this can be achieved. This blog post will discuss how managed cloud services can help organizations do more for less money. Managed cloud services are essentially IT services that are hosted and managed by a third party. They are part of the larger managed IT services market, which consists of the management of hosted and on-premises information technology.

High level of IT resources for less money

Managed cloud services can help organizations boost productivity through providing them with a high level of IT resources for less money. With managed cloud services, companies pay a flat rate for an agreed-upon amount of infrastructure and support. The pricing for these services tends to be less than what a company would pay on its own, as the provider is able to spread costs across its customer base. The quality of services is often greater that what an organization could manage in-house, as managed cloud services providers are experts in their chosen areas of service.

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More time to focus on areas of expertise

By leveraging a managed cloud provider for key services, in-house IT departments have more time to focus on what they do best. This may mean onboarding new employees, fixing broken equipment, responding to help desk requests, and/or a host of other IT tasks. As IT further infiltrates organizations (e.g., through new technology and software), IT departments risk being spread too thin. Managed cloud helps prevent this from happening, enabling in-house IT staff to more efficiently perform specific tasks.

Maximizing managed cloud productivity gains

Companies can maximize managed cloud productivity gains through finding an affordable provider that excels in complementary areas of IT. In other words, if your company lacks capabilities in areas like cloud applications development, data backup, and cloud strategy, hiring a provider for these tasks may make a lot of sense from a productivity and performance standpoint. It’s also important to ensure that the overall cost for these services is less than what you’d pay for additional in-house expertise as well as infrastructure.

Outsourcing the hosting and management of IT services can help organizations become more productive, a top goal for many companies. To find out how your business could improve productivity through managed services, contact us and we’ll provide you with a quality assessment.