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Sales Tax Compliance and Automation with Vertex SMB

Join this live web demonstration and learn the unique advantages of this sales and use tax automation solution.


Take the Fear Out of a Sales Tax Audit

Watch this recorded webinar and learn from the experts at Peisner Johnson & Company, LLP about these hot spots and how to protect your business if called upon for an audit.

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5 Steps to Simplify Sales and Use Tax Processes

How SMB Retailers Can Conquer the Complexities of Rapid Growth For growing retailers, seemingly minor business decisions can have major sales and use tax implications. Download this eBook and learn more about the five steps companies can take to simplify…


Limiting Your Sales and Use Tax Exposure Through Automation

Avoid Tax Audits by Automating Your Sales and Use Tax Reporting Tax professionals have little trouble agreeing that compliance and audit concerns associated with missing or invalid exemption certificates is significantly challenging. With that in mind, this white paper will…


10 Reasons to Use Vertex SMB to Handle Sales and Use Tax Automation

Watch this Vertex SMB webinar to discover why using a sales and use tax automation solution can save time, ensure compliance, and reduce the risk of audit.


Sales and Use Tax Compliance: Filing Returns with Ease

Automating the Returns Process With thousands of sales tax jurisdictions, as well as tax rules and rates in the United States, preparing returns that are in compliance can be time-consuming and complicated. Why not automate the returns process and help…


4 Reasons for Retailers to Automate the Tax Process

Automation of tax processes is the most common means of staying compliant and avoiding audits Sales and use tax have taken on an unprecedented level of importance as well as corresponding scrutiny by governments and companies in the past four…


Are You Over-Paying (or Under-Paying) Consumer Use Tax?

Automation and Improved Control Can Save Your Company Millions Given the complexities of the tax laws and the multitude of items most businesses purchase and use in different ways, the only feasible way to handle the requirements of consumer use…


Vertex SMB Sales and Use Tax

Why Vertex SMB? As the market leader for tax technology, we can help you streamline tax calculation, increase accuracy, and stay compliant, keeping you on top of tax rate updates. Vertex SMB also integrates directly with industry-leading mid-market ERP systems…


Sales and Use Tax Automation with Vertex SMB TaxCentral for Sage 300

The most trusted name in sales and use tax solutions now has an integrated solution with Sage 300 With Vertex SMB TaxCentral for Sage 300, your tax rates and rules are always up to date – and the tools you…

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