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How Cloud Hosting Can Help Your Company In An Era Of Extreme Uncertainty

Have you considered hosting your applications in the cloud? Before you say no, take this opportunity to listen to those who have and the benefits they have experienced. Watch this on-demand virtual panel discussion to learn about the benefits of cloud hosting and how it helps organizations prepare for the “new normal.”


Fast & Focused: Actionable Data – Create Term. Analysis Report in Sage HRMS

We are continuing our workshop series focused on practical, how-to instructions for users of Sage HRMS. In each session, we will concentrate on a specific topic that you can apply to your HRMS system. In this session… Termination Analysis –…

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HR Technology Tools: What You May Be Missing

In this on-demand webinar we will demonstrate how to leverage today’s Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) to provide an integrated, all-in-one, software solution for automating and managing your organization’s core workforce administration across all areas.


What the CEO Needs from Human Resources

In many ways the recent economic challenges served to shine a spotlight on workforce management issues. Whether reducing labor costs, cross-training employees or navigating layoffs, many CEOs found that their organizations were not as nimble or flexible as they’d like….


The HR Software Buyer’s Guide and Checklist

Choosing a Human Resources Management System If you are planning to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of HR through an added investment in technology, then this comprehensive evaluation tool will assist in your decision process. From assembling the right team…


Fast & Focused: Create a Multiple Source HR Report in Sage HRMS

When reporting benefit census data, it is often important to include dependent and other information. Learn step-by-step instructions to create multi-table Crystal reports with benefits and dependent information.


Fast & Focused: How the IRS 2019 Form W-4 Will Change Payroll in Sage HRMS

The tax cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) made significant changes to tax rates, deductions tax credits and withholding calculations. In conjunction with these changes, the IRS released new tax tables and in November, 2019, will release a new form W-4. 


Fast & Focused: Quarter Close Tips and Tricks for Sage HRMS

Time to get ready to close the quarter? In this session we will review the steps to close and balance the quarter in Sage HRMS


Fast & Focused: Store Any Employee Data in Sage HRMS

Still have employee data on spreadsheets? Find out how to create and populate a custom screen in HR.


Fast & Focused: Secure Query Reporting in Sage HRMS – An Alternative to Crystal

Find Crystal reports difficult? In this session, we will create a Secure Query using custom screen data in HR; set parameters on producing the report and look at export options.

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