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advantageSage Accpac ERP – VisionPoint 10.0

The world’s most widely installed Windows accounting system! Designed to provide the power and flexibility required by businesses today and into the next century. VisionPoint is designed for small to mid-size enterprises, based on open architecture, easy to modify and simple to use. With thousands of users worldwide, VisionPoint has achieved a level of field-tested reliability that no other software can match.

Small business software with enterprise-wide applications
Designed for the small to mid-size business, Accpac Accounting Systems’ VisionPoint 10.0 is a feature-rich application that delivers big business functionality.VisionPoint 10.0 can accommodate growth and change as your business moves forward. It has the features you need now, plus the ones you’ll want in the future, including:

Flexibility for modifications as your business evolves
The capacity to accommodate substantial growth
Industry-standard technology
Instant information at your fingertips with Accpac ReadyView
Year 2000 certification

Versatile software that’s ready when you are
In addition to providing flexibility, VisionPoint 10.0 is a reliable out-of-box solution designed to get your business up and running quickly. Take advantage of VisionPoint’s easy user interface and low-effort setup. And you’ll get open, modular architecture that enables you to make modifications as needed.

VisionPoint lets you start with a basic system and add specialized applications as your needs evolve. The high-powered combination of available source code and more than 200 add-on modules makes VisionPoint 10.0 an adaptable program that can be tailored to fit your company’s needs perfectly: you can enhance your system by adding a simple procedure unique to your industry, or redesign an entire function.

Source code and modifiability
Full access to source code lets you modify the software to fit the unique needs of your company. Hundreds of standard reports are included, with nearly infinite ability to create custom reports. You can change everything from basic data capture through calculation and reporting.

Proven reliability using the latest technology
VisionPoint 10.0 is reliable software that’s based on Microsoft technology. This means you’ll have a familiar interface that’s easy to use. VisionPoint has been in use for over a decade, and has grown up with some of the nation’s best-known corporations. With successful implementations in distribution, manufacturing, service and retail industries, VisionPoint has earned a well-deserved reputation as the workhorse of the average business. With more than 500,000 users in 63 countries, Accpac has established a solid track record for safe and reliable handling of sensitive financial software.

Industry-standard tools, optimum Accpac technology
VisionPoint 10.0 supports true 32-bit platform – including Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0, complete with screen fonts, icons, and other graphic interface features.
Networks supported include Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and Novell Netware.
VisionPoint is compiled in Microsoft’s top-end database language, Visual FoxPro 6.0.
Accpac’s robust interface uses pick lists that allow for viewing more records at a time, and mouse support offers point-and-click navigation.
Doc on Disk means information at your fingertips
With VisionPoint 10.0 documentation is now available electronically. The new Documentation on Disk (Doc on Disk) features an easy to use table of contents and index that cross-reference other relevant material. Now your answers are only a click of the mouse away. You can view Doc on Disk in a Web browser or Adobe Acrobat Reader. And you can print out or bookmark specific sections for easy reference.

Laser Forms
New with VisionPoint 10.0 is the fully integrated Laser Forms feature, a multi-user print utility that enables you to produce high-quality order forms, statements, invoices, and packing slips from Purchase Orders, Order Entry, and Accounts Receivable. In addition to using your own custom logo, you can also customize your forms with signatures and special graphics.

Real-time information puts you in control
Accpac’s advanced real-time capabilities give you instant access to current data, as well as allowing you to forecast revenue, expenses, cash flow and gross margin. VisionPoint’s Business Status Report lets you check vital company measurements in real time. This unique feature operates like a business thermostat. It checks AR balance, AP balance, month-to-date sales, and cost of goods-even shows projected totals for the month (or any other period).

VisionPoint also provides ReadyView file browsers that give you unlimited data access the way you want to see it. Display any information, in any order, customized for any user. This technology means concise, immediate business management. For example, you can quickly view all of your customers with more than $5000 past due for more than 30 days. Accpac’s “snapshot” tools turn customer data into business information.

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