Forecasting & Inventory Optimization


Reduce excess inventory and free up working capital while minimizing stock-outs and increasing revenue.


Sage Inventory Advisor is a secure, cloud-based subscription service that helps you free up cash gathering dust in the warehouse, save carrying costs, increase sales and profits and improve the customer experience. And it’s affordable, fast to implement, and connects directly to your Sage X3.

  • Release working capital
    By reducing excess inventory, you free up working capital that can pay for other strategic initiatives in your business.
  • Reduce carrying costs of inventory
    Reducing excess inventory also lowers hard carrying costs associated with that inventory. Save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per month.
  • Increase sales and profits
    By minimizing stock-outs, you increase sales and profits and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Improve buyer productivity
    Buyers and planners save substantial time, allowing them to improve your supply chain, negotiate better deals, etc.


Forecast Pro is used by organizations around the globe for creating statistically-based accurate forecasts that can be readily integrated into broader planning systems. Designed specifically for business forecasters, Forecast Pro is easy-to-use yet provides state-of-the-art methods and comprehensive tools that have been more than 30 years in the making.

  • Automatic Statistical Forecasting
    A wide range of forecasting models with automatic “best pick” option.
  • Easy Forecast Adjustment & Collaboration
    Excel-like grid allows easy adjustment at any level in the hierarchy. Stakeholders collaborate seamlessly in the application or via Excel.
  • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)
    Import supplementary data ‒ such as other forecasts, current inventory, and open orders ‒ to build customized reports and graphs.
  • Exception Reporting
    Gives you a quick way to identify potential problem areas that need your attention.


StockIQ is a supply chain planning suite targeted at 3PL’s and distributors that helps your business run efficiently, improve forecast accuracy, and reduce inventory levels, while providing unmatched service to your customers and shippers.

  • Reduce Stockouts
    By accurately forecasting your items and setting statistically based safety stocks.
  • Improve Service Level
    By using StockIQ to stratify your inventory based on factors most important to you, you can ensure that you have the right parts in the right places to hit your service level goals.
  • Reduce Planning Cycle Time
    StockIQ allows daily optimized purchasing for maximum responsiveness to a dynamic world.
  • Reduce Inventory
    Experience has shown that distributors, manufacturers and 3PL’s alike can enjoy 10-35% reduction in inventory levels, all the while improving service level.
  • Improve Operations
    By providing standard tools with best practices built in, StockIQ helps eliminate Stockouts, eliminate excess, and reclaim warehouse space for more products or clients.



Extend the Power of Sage X3

Elevate your Sage X3 business management solution with optional features designed for businesses like yours.

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