Sage ERP MAS 90 And 200 Version 4.5 Payroll Enhancements

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Sage ERP MAS 90 And 200 Version 4.5 Provides New Deduction Methods And More. Payroll can be time consuming and complicated with the ever-increasing intricacies of taxation and employment legislation. Sage ERP MAS 90 Version 4.5 contains workflow improvements and a significant number of features designed to help you handle the complexities of deductions and accruals more effectively.

New Version 4.5 Payroll functionality offers more flexibility, streamlines the data entry process, and provides more consistent and accurate calculations for deductions. Five additional deduction calculation methods are added, along with the ability to automatically perform deduction recalculations and set deductions based on earnings type. You also will find it easier to import from commonly used time management software and will be able to establish a minimum number of hours worked for benefit accruals. Let’s learn more.

Deduction Calculation Methods

Five new deduction calculation methods have been added in Version 4.5, many of which support the calculations needed for union deductions and dues.

  • Based on Paid Hours—This method will provide a calculation for the total hours worked multiplied by the pay rate multiplier you choose.
  • Based on Pay Rate—This method will calculate the selected pay rate multiplied by the number that is entered. When this method is selected, an additional drop-down box will be displayed, allowing you to choose the appropriate rate.
  • Based on Regular plus Overtime Hours—This method automatically will provide a calculation based on the sum of regular and overtime hours multiplied by the pay rate.
  • Percentage of Total Hours—This method will calculate based on the total hours worked, regardless of regular or overtime, multiplied by the percentage you establish.
  • Percentage of Deduction Method—This method is used during tax calculation such as Percentage of Net Wages and is only available for Employer Contributions. Note: When the Percentage of Deduction method is selected, an additional field is displayed to allow the selected code to be entered.

Deduction Recalculation In Payroll Data Entry

In Version 4.5 Payroll Data Entry the workflow is improved to automate deduction calculations based on changes in the earnings line. You will be able to recalculate the deduction automatically, while still in data entry, instead of deleting the information and reentering. This will save you valuable data entry time.

Deduction Calculations Based On Earnings Type

Another new feature related to deductions will enable you to use payroll deduction codes according to a specified earnings type in order to calculate based on Percent of Gross or Total Hours Worked. This allows an employer to calculate benefits such as a Pension Plan and 401K contributions based on specific earnings such as regular, sick, and vacation earnings, and not on others, such as overtime. A new Earnings button now is available in Version 4.5 Deduction Code Maintenance to allow the selection of specific types of Earnings to be used for deduction calculations.

Easier Imports Into Payroll Data Entry
Visual Integrator is enhanced in Version 4.5 to support the import of data into Payroll Data Entry from some of the more commonly used labor management and time tracking systems. This enhancement will be particularly useful when performing multiple data imports for regular, vacation, and sick time. File layouts and sample imports are included for the five most popular data import formats. Sample imports will be included for:

  • Format 2—Fixed Field Format
  • Format 3—ADP Format
  • Format 8—TimeBank or Kronos Connect Format with department number and employee number imported
  • Format 8—TimeBank or Kronos Connect Format with only employee number imported
  • Format M—Fixed Field Format for Timetrack v8.0

Enhanced Benefit Accrual

With the release of Sage ERP MAS 90 Version 4.5, you will be able to calculate benefit accruals based on hours worked, which can be used to support salaried employees, union employees, and part-time employees. The new functionality will use a code assigned to each employee to compare the Minimum Hours Required for Benefit Accrual with the hours worked. If the conditions you set are not achieved the accrual will not occur.

The Payroll enhancements are only one component of the Version 4.5 release of Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200; this release includes new capabilities across the system. Give us a call with your questions.