Keep everyone focused so you can achieve what you’re striving for.

Never Lose Sight Of Your Goals

miviva is a low-cost, stand-alone continuous performance management software that moves individual, team, and organizational performance to a new level. miviva provides a single place for everyone to manage their goals, keep track of progress, provide feedback, and see how their work contributes to organizational goals.


Create goals – personal, team, departmental, organizational, etc. Assign ownership and identify contributors. Set priority, due dates, and visibility.

Use completion of milestones or data-driven metrics from any system to measure progress toward goals.

Coaching & Feedback
Provide public and private feedback and recognition using in-goal messaging. Manager and employee comments automatically carry into performance reviews.

Goals & Competency Alignment
Define criteria for success and establish goals to measure achievement.

Allow everyone to see goals – up, down, and across the organization. Engage employees with enabling them to see the connection of their work with organizational outcomes.

Performance Appraisals
Seed your performance appraisals with job and goal data directly from miviva, eliminating data collection tasks and making fact-based decisions easy to make.



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