Compliance & Security Services

Two-day Security Walk Through

Intense two day walk-through that involves a high level analysis of the areas involved in the Information Security Assessment. The result of this is a high-level executive summary detailing potential problem areas that are susceptible to high levels of risk and are lacking appropriate safeguards.

Information Security Assessment

A non-technical Top Down approach of assessing a company’s information security posture. The Assessment begins with a project plan and scope definition. Once these have been defined, the assessment will include analysis of Security Policies and Procedures, system documentation, virus protection, patch management, intrusion management, firewall and router security, personnel security, physical security, operations security, business continuity programs, and incident response programs.

Vulnerability Assessment

A technical assessment of either a company’s external or internal network infrastructure. The assessment will be performed using both off-the-shelf tool and non-off-the-shelf tools. The external assessment covers a scan of publicly available Internet address ranges and evaluation of open ports and related vulnerabilities. Additionally, a review of the corporate Internet presence will be conducted for content or any other problems that can be deemed harmful to the Company’s interests. The Internal review will include a scan of internal network nodes and hosts that may contain potential vulnerabilities.

Security Policies and Procedures

The writing of or updating of company Policies and Procedures that will help govern and layout the structure for all company processes and technologies.

Security Design and Implementation

Design and implementation of security techniques and technologies that will result in a secure Enterprise Computing Architecture. This will require an in-depth understanding of the company’s Internet presence, network infrastructure, remote access, network management, and identity and access management strategies. The Security team will develop industry-accepted recommendations that align it with the Customer’s social and business climate.

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