Systems Management Made Simple

By: | Category: IT / Infrastructure

While increasingly challenged to provide day-to-day management and support to an ever-growing number of computers and systems, IT professionals are now leveraging an appliance-based approach to systems management. This innovative approach dramatically lowers systems administration total costs, minimizes time spent on day-to-day repetitive IT tasks, and all in a way that is easy-to-use and affordable.

A turnkey appliance-based approach solves the age-old IT challenges of effective software distribution, asset management, remote control, application deployment security management, integrated helpdesk, and more. For example with Dell KACE Systems Management Appliances you can:

  • Automate PC, server and storage operations for the ultimate an IT flexibility
  • Reduce data center & client computing operating costs and overall management costs
  • Manage the full lifecycle off Servers and PCs
  • Architect a networked storage solution that can simplify operations, reduce costs and protect vital data

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