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ERP and Accounting Software Buyers Trends 2018

In its 2018 Accounting Software Buyer Trends Report, Software Connect examined over 3,000 accounting software projects from the past year to sketch out a portrait of the needs and motivations of software buyers nationwide. This yielded a number of notable…


The Immense Value of ERP for Wholesale Distributors

The continued shift to a more distributed environment and global trade relationships is inducing change in every industry and wholesale distribution is no different. There are both benignant and malignant aspects to this change. On one hand, with technological advances…

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How Nonprofits Are Improving Efficiencies Through Cloud ERP

Whatever the variations of raising funds, whether through membership , sales of products, or government grants, nonprofit organizations must carefully track and manage funds, and at the same time effectively and efficiently execute their mission. Therefore, many organizations are turning…


3 Technologies Changing the Game in 2018

At first glance, the cost of adopting new technologies can seem daunting. But for technologies destined to define how businesses run in the future, the long-term value far outweighs the initial costs. Internet of Things. Cloud. Augmented reality. Virtual reality….


Growing Your Nonprofit Through Cloud ERP Technology

Scarce resources, ever-changing Charity Navigator ratings criteria, and growth of social enterprises, are only a few out of the many challenges of running a nonprofit in today’s environment. In addition, organizations are expected to accurately measure outcomes, link those outcomes…


Wholesale and Distribution: Leveraging ERP to Stay Ahead

Over the last several years leaders in the wholesale distribution space have discovered that the secret to managing customers’ demands is to take advantage of the most up-to-date, emerging capabilities that ERP and related digital technologies can offer. In addition…


IDC MarketScape Names NetSuite a Leader in SaaS and Cloud-enabled Midmarket ERP Applications

In its 2017 assessment profiling 14 ERP vendors, IDC MarketScape named NetSuite a worldwide leader in SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Midmarket ERP applications . As the IDC report notes, SaaS and cloud-enabled midmarket ERP suites are evolving at a warp speed…


ERP for Service Industries: Why You Need More Than a Basic Accounting Solution

The common misconception that companies that do not move a physical product can survive and thrive with just a basic accounting solution is keeping many in the services industry from implementing a complete ERP solution. While a services company can…

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