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Edward Solomon

Founder and Co-President

Edward has over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience in the technology and services industry. In 1996, Edward co-founded Net at Work, offering a service oriented approach to IT and network support. As an owner of an emerging business, Edward completely understands the value of executive level involvement-and its contribution to a project’s ultimate success-from the earliest planning stages through completion and beyond. Before starting Net at Work Edward worked in commercial and investment banking for Republic National Bank and Natwest Markets where he managed accounting for real-estate properties and restructured Chart of Accounts respectively. Edward received his MBA in Finance from Baruch College, NY.

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Information Technology Alliance (ITA)
Former Board Member and current Chair of Large Firm Track
N3 Networking
Board Member
NY Enterprise Report
25 Founders
YJP Mentors
New Jersey Business Assembly
Founding Board Member