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Natalie Lemke

Chief Professional Services Officer

Natalie joins Net at Work with more than 15 years experience in Software as a Service, Professional Services Leadership, and Technology Enablement focused on Small & Mid-Size Businesses. Her passion is specifically around helping those businesses in a way that allows them to be the best, most nimble organizations, with individual contributors empowered to deliver bottom line results. Natalie’s previous employers include Stoneridge Software, where she was awarded the Microsoft US Business Central Partner of the Year Award (2022), was an Inner Circle Partner x3 (2019/2021/2022), and grew through three acquisitions in the SMB space. Prior to Stoneridge Software, Natalie spent more than a decade at SPS Commerce, through 9 acquisitions, their 2010 IPO, and aggressive organic growth, Natalie saw 50+ consecutive quarters of revenue growth.

Natalie and her family live in Palm Harbor, FL. 
Natalie is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – River Falls, with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.