Technology Essentials for Small Businesses

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Stay on top of the latest technology breakthroughs for business – social media, cloud computing, virtualization, monitoring, recovery and more. Next week’s Technology Essentials for Small Businesses includes a panel discussion on Social Media and three SMB IT related seminars. One session “ Intelligent Technology Choices for 2010” will be given by Mathew Hegarty, Infrastructure Practice Director at Net at Work, and will review all the information you need to make wise investments in technology. Mathew will discuss:

• The most cost effective ways to connect mobile devices such as Blackberry’s and iPhones
• Why a “power & cooling” analysis can save your organization a substantial amount of money
• What is virtualization and how you should be leveraging virtualization for all new technology investments
• Aligning your business goals with your technology support partner via fixed cost contracts
• Monitor, monitor, monitor: Why monitoring your existing technology environment is the only way to get real value from your technology investments
• When not to extend the warranty of existing equipment

More Information/Register for Technology Essentials for Small Businesses (presented by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce‘s Small Business Seminar Committee).
Thursday, July 22, 2010
8:30 AM to 12:30 PM