2011 Tax Related Change for Sage ERP MAS 500

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For the tax year 2011, there were required government changes to the 1099 form layout. Sage has made a standalone product update available for these changes. This update is available for Sage ERP MAS 500 versions 7.2 and higher, and must be installed before printing 1099 forms for the 2011 tax year.

Electronic Filing Changes

For all Forms, Payment Year Field Positions 2-5, for the Transmitter “T” Record, Payer “A” Record and Payee “B” Record have been incremented to update the four-digit reporting year (2010 to 2011), unless reporting prior year data. In the Payer “A” Record, the Amount Codes field was expanded 2 positions. The field is now sixteen positions 28–43.

Form Printing Changes

Because the pilot program for truncating an individual’s identifying number on paper payee statements has ended, all supported 1099 forms now show the individual payee’s complete identifying number on all copies of the form. In addition, a minor vertical adjustment was made to the 1099 DIV form. You can download the standalone update from the Downloads section at: http://support.sagesoftwareonline.com/mas500/main.cfm Call us if you need assistance.