25Founders: How Do You Find Time to Focus on Strategic Planning?

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Continuing from our original post on the 25Founders, a collective of leading New York entrepreneurs, members in this month’s NY Enterprise Report magazine talk about finding the time to step away from the business in order to plan for the future.

When asked how he finds “time to focus on strategic planning?” Edward Solomon, Net at Work co-founder commented: This is a hard thing to do, especially when there is a constant stream of issues coming at us all day that we know we can resolve almost immediately. However, it is crucial for the health and growth of our business that we take the time away from the office to plan, strategize, and refine the short- and long-term goals of the business.

My partner (and brother) Alex and I set aside a day or two every quarter where we lock ourselves into a hotel room and focus on strategic issues and resulting tactical initiatives to put the strategies into motion. We come prepared with discussion topics and data that we have accumulated. Periodically, we will invite our senior management team to join us.

These strategic offsites have been extremely valuable to the success of our business and have been the seeding ground for Net at Work’s new organizational structure and our growth via acquisition strategy.

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