The McGee Group Sharpens the Focus on Business Success with Net at Work and Sage X3

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In the world of optical design, The McGee Group stands out with a half-century legacy. This family-owned business from Marietta, Georgia, continues to grow with a nationwide presence that’s known for its innovative and high-quality eyewear products. At the core of their nationwide success has been an effective use of technology in managing complex operations.

A Brief Foray Into New Territory

The company’s history with Sage X3 spans over a decade, but a push for change led them to consider another leading ERP application. “Sage X3 always served us well,” Weston McGee, CIO at The McGee Group, explains, “but we were swayed by promises of simplicity in integration with the other ERP.” The new course, however, revealed some unexpected shortcomings. Jay Couzins, The McGee Group’s Director of Sage X3 Optimization, recalls, “It couldn’t deliver what Sage X3 can without requiring us to purchase additional add-ons.”

Returning to a Trusted Solution

Acknowledging the need for a scalable, extensible, and flexible ERP system that would allow them to take control of the entire business, The McGee Group decided to recommit to Sage X3. They engaged Net at Work to enhance and align the system with new business initiatives. “They have the country’s largest and most talented Sage X3 team among technology consultants,” Couzins notes. “I call them the rock stars of the X3 world.”

“We see near unlimited possibilities. We’re leveraging our technology to better connect with the world. With Net at Work’s help, we’ve been able to break through barriers, focus on what matters, and incorporate innovative, sustainable business practices.”

Jay Couzins, Director of Sage X3 Optimization, The McGee Group

Streamlining Operations Through Customization

In collaboration with Net at Work, The McGee Group has been able to customize Sage X3 extensively, integrating it with specialized applications such as EyeRepo. Couzins shares, “With Sage X3, we don’t need to bolt on functionality — we can build it. It’s a comprehensive platform for business management and development.”

Navigating Updates with Expertise

The partnership has also ensured that the company’s investment in customization doesn’t hinder their ability to upgrade. “That’s not the case with Sage X3. Net at Work guides us skillfully through every update,” Couzins explained. This aspect has been pivotal in maintaining a modern and responsive IT infrastructure.

The Advantage of Versatility and Expertise

Net at Work’s involvement with The McGee Group extends beyond the ERP. When confronted with performance issues, Couzins recalls a time when the source of the problem was elusive: “Net at Work investigated and correctly identified an issue with our hardware, which our managed services provider had missed.”

Looking Ahead with a Renewed ERP Strategy

Excited about the future, The McGee Group is now leveraging technology to streamline and innovate. A new B2B website integrated with Sage X3 is set to automate order entry and open new sales avenues. “We see near unlimited possibilities,” said Couzins, underscoring the company’s direction towards tech-driven connectivity and innovation.

Solidifying the Foundation for Future Growth

Reflecting on their journey, McGee explains, “The right partner makes the difference. Net at Work supports us through our growth.” Couzins concludes with a nod to the robustness of their chosen ERP, “We tried another ERP, but came back to Sage X3. I think it’s one of the best-kept secrets out there.”

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