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Offsetting the Cost of Accepting Credit Cards: Is Cash Discounting Right for Your Business?

You’ve probably been to a service station and noticed that you can get gas cheaper by paying with cash versus a credit card. This type of Cash Discounting program has gained popularity over the last few years in different industries,…


COVID-19 Related Cybercrime and PCI Compliance: The Importance of Securing Credit Card Data

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has caused all of us to rethink and revise the way we do business and the way we live in general. In the new environment where a majority of the workforce is working remotely, and businesses and consumers…

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Detailing Credit Card Transactions in Abila MIP

An organization typically pays many vendors on a credit card statement. However, since the AP invoice and AP check are associated with the credit card provider, it is difficult to locate charges to a vendor and accumulate them with other…


Sage 100 Credit Card Processing: Ten Reasons to Integrate Your Payments

Swype Integrated Technologies, an authorized Sage merchant processing partner and the payments company in the Net at Work family, provides complete debit and credit card processing for all business types. Having the ability to accept debit and credit card payments…


Fully Integrated Credit Card Processing with Sage ERP

With Sage Payment Processing powered by Sage Exchange, you can now have the convenience of credit card processing fully integrated with your Sage ERP system, and the peace of mind of knowing that sensitive data is stored in compliance with…

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