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Are You a Salesforce User? Tips and Tricks for a Remote Workforce

In a time of social distancing, many organizations are embracing remote work on a large scale for the first time. For these organizations, it can be a major cultural shift to have employees working from home. Fortunately, with CRM solutions…


Complimentary Web-Based CRM Training Courses

As part of our larger effort to assist businesses during this unprecedented time, we continue to add to our complimentary live training courses for anyone looking to learn more about the power of the technology you already own, or solutions…

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Six Keys to Driving Sales through the Disciplined Use of CRM

Following up my last post Why the Disciplined Use of CRM Matters Now More than Ever, here I will discuss how to start to leveraging CRM in a more direct, prescribed way to drive change and results. Here are six…


Why the Disciplined Use of CRM Matters Now More than Ever

Most organizations apply incredible discipline to their core business practices. For manufacturers, this usually centers on product development, production, distribution, supply management, financial accounting and other operational areas of focus. Every day, every week, key leaders have a tight grasp…


Success with CRM Requires Changing your Understanding & Perspective of Technology Adoption & Training

According to experts, 2020 is “the year of the customer,” making customer experience a top concern for any growth-focused organization. For many this means implementing new strategies and adding or upgrading technology solutions in order to remain competitive. To that…


CRM For Manufacturing: 3 Key Areas that Directly Impact Operational Performance

Many manufacturing firms have made investments in Manufacturing CRM Software to help manage their sales processes. They’ve put in place opportunity and quoting management, activity tracking and often analytic tools to measure potential sales and pipeline. As a result, most…


ERP: The Backbone of the Customer Experience

Customer centricity is unsurprisingly becoming the norm in today’s B2C and B2B space as more businesses are realizing they need to adopt a customer centric approach in order to remain competitive. Companies like Amazon have made the consumerization of B2B…


Introducing CRM Training Camp for Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Sage CRM

Introducing CRM Software Training Camp for Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Sage CRM Over the past few years, Net at Work has been fortunate enough to help hundreds of organizations deploy and leverage CRM to improve the results of Sales,…


Sage X3 Integrated with Microsoft CRM – Modern Day Social CRM

For many, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has been seen as a dated, cumbersome tool for logging contacts and notes – Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Sales has dramatically changed that. Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s new take on user experience, collaboration, & simplification…


Turning Your Field Service Operations Into a Profit Center

In many service organizations the field service division can quickly become a cost center, and today many field service organizations are focused on transitioning their field service operations from one that costs money to one that that creates revenue and…

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