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Checkmate – CRM Meets the Pandemic

The pandemic has drastically evolved consumer expectations by exacerbating what was already a hustle for higher quality services, more speed, more acknowledgment, and overall richer experiences. Either a business continued to scramble playing catchup to stay relevant or pivoted to…


Creating a Next-Gen Customer Experience Must Become Your Top Priority

We’re living in a time of superlatives. Good is not good enough – we want the best. Fast is not fast enough – we want it now. It’s a shift that predates the pandemic, one which many trace to retailers…

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The Business Imperative for Next Generation Business Management Software

As a small or midsized business (SMB) operating in a rapidly evolving marketplace, the right business management software can create and differentiate your brand, giving you a decisive competitive edge. Speed and agility — two attributes of “next generation” software…


Project Spotlight: Ultraflex Saves 500 Hours Annually With Help from Net at Work and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Ultraflex Systems creates flexible, durable, and show-stopping soft signage, building wraps, banners, floor and wall coverings, and graphics used by retailers and brands around the world. Sold through a network of resellers, they generate demand for their unique creations and…


Demand Planning Takes on New Importance: Post-pandemic Forecasting Requires Clear Insight

It seems everyone is talking about the shock to the world’s supply chains triggered by the pandemic and its nascent recovery. With much of the focus on how to get raw materials when and where we need them, less of…


The Digital Imperative for Manufacturers

It’s ingrained in the American psyche — the scrappy, hardworking individualism, resourcefulness, and sheer determination that leads to entrepreneurial success. The only trouble with that trope is that scrappy is just not scalable. While brute force and a commitment to…


Are You a Salesforce User? Tips and Tricks for a Remote Workforce

In a time of social distancing, many organizations are embracing remote work on a large scale for the first time. For these organizations, it can be a major cultural shift to have employees working from home. Fortunately, with CRM solutions…


Complimentary Web-Based CRM Training Courses

As part of our larger effort to assist businesses during this unprecedented time, we continue to add to our complimentary live training courses for anyone looking to learn more about the power of the technology you already own, or solutions…


Six Keys to Driving Sales through the Disciplined Use of CRM

Following up my last post Why the Disciplined Use of CRM Matters Now More than Ever, here I will discuss how to start to leveraging CRM in a more direct, prescribed way to drive change and results. Here are six…


Why the Disciplined Use of CRM Matters Now More than Ever

Most organizations apply incredible discipline to their core business practices. For manufacturers, this usually centers on product development, production, distribution, supply management, financial accounting and other operational areas of focus. Every day, every week, key leaders have a tight grasp…

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