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How Distributors Can Thrive in Change with the Help of Digital Solutions

Distributors are facing a growing number of labor challenges, including worker shortages, difficulty recruiting high-quality candidates, retention of current employees, and others. In a 2022 Baird-MDM survey, 26% of respondents stated that labor and productivity issues were the biggest risk…


Intelligent Pricing as the Cornerstone of Your Distribution Pricing Strategy

Intelligent pricing is a data-driven approach used by many of today’s small-to-mid-sized distributors that provides optimal pricing based on historical buying behavior, real-time demand, location, and other factors. As more distributors seek better ways to maximize profitability, strategic pricing has…

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Six Reasons Next-Generation CRM Should Be Part of Your Technology Roadmap

Today, only 25% of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) use a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, and just another 10% report that they plan to implement a CRM system this year.1 This finding is understandable for a few reasons. First,…


The Purpose of Modern ERP in an SMB Technology Roadmap

When it comes to small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) deciding what technology could have the most impact on their business, it’s the replacement of their legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that winds up topping the list of priorities today. Why do…


Your Technology Roadmap and the Role of the CIO

While leadership within many small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) today demonstrate extensive business experience, they can lack the IT experience needed to align technology decisions with business strategies and goals.  Such a scenario is understandable. These smaller companies may have…


Five Signs Your Technology Roadmap is Incomplete

As we discussed in a previous article, a formal technology roadmap is often lacking among small-to-medium-sized (SMBs) organizations, leading to a reliance on manual, paper-based processes, legacy technology, spreadsheets, or other homegrown systems that dilute the business’s ability to compete…


Industrial Equipment and Design Powerhouse Takes Innovation to the Next Level

As their highly-customized ERP and CRM applications reached the end of their functional usefulness for the wholesaler, HOJ Innovations did what it does best—it looked to technology for solutions. When “innovation” is part of your name, you’ve already set the…


SMBs can Make Smarter Investments with a Technology Roadmap

How You Can Save Money with a Complete Technology Roadmap Many small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) don’t have a formal technology roadmap that aligns and plans their use of digital tools with their business goals. In fact, one research study…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Tip: How to Quickly Create a Quick Campaign

In this video our Microsoft Dynamics CRM expert will walk you through how to create marketing lists, add members to marketing lists, create email templates, and lastly how to create an email Quick Campaign within the marketing list. Contact Us…


Dynamics CRM: Connecting Data Across Your Organization

Dynamics CRM provides organizations the ability to streamline and connect data throughout the system using features and functionality like custom relationships and data field mappings across multiple entities. In turn, allowing organizations to utilize Microsoft’s document management tools such as…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Tip: How to Use Modern Advanced Find

In this video our Microsoft Dynamics CRM expert will walk you through how to create and share views using the new modern advanced find, replacing the legacy advanced find. Contact Us if you have any questions or would like more…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Tip: How to Quickly Edit Multiple Records at Once

In this video our Microsoft Dynamics CRM expert will walk you through how to edit multiple records at once by selecting them and clicking the edit button. This only allows you to edit a maximum of 250 records at a…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Tip: How to Quickly Access Areas in CRM

In this video our CRM expert will walk you through how to pin areas you frequently use (i.e. key views or records) to the Pinned area in the site map to allow you to quickly access them in Microsoft Dynamics…


Why Don’t SMBs Hit Growth Projections (and How Can You Get Back on Track)?

Small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) often fail to hit their own growth targets and other financial goals, which can lead to poor decision-making, missed opportunities to secure capital, and other negative repercussions. The good news is that if your SMB…

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