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How to Process Customer Returns (RMAs) within Sage X3

Welcome to the Net at Work Sage X3 video series. In this episode, we look at how to process customer returns or RMAs (also known as return merchandise authorizations) within Sage X3. We will explore three different functions: Generating RMA…


Complementary Solutions to Extend the Power of Sage X3

Sage X3 is designed to provide a robust business management solution that allows you to hand pick the exact complementary software you need to ensure your system more closely aligns to your specific business requirements. Over time, your definition of…

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How ERP Software Addresses the Unique and Specialized Needs of Medical Device Manufacturers

Today’s leading medical device manufacturing companies are focused on running efficient discrete production activities, yet must meet the same FDA compliance guidelines as pharmaceutical and life sciences companies that have formula-driven production processes. In this recorded web event our experts…


Scan & Capture: Purchase-to-Pay Automation Solution for NetSuite

We’ll take a closer look at Fast Four’s Scan & Capture – a native purchase-to-pay automation solution for NetSuite that allows you to automate the creation of Vendor Bills & Credits using OCR (optical character recognition) with no need to…


The Ins and Outs of Physical and Cycle Counts

Physical inventory counts are never any fun for those involved. Physical counts, typically done annually, require every item of inventory to be manually counted and — particularly for those relying on paper and pencil, or even spreadsheets — this can…


Segregation of Duties in Sage X3

Segregation of duties is a fundamental principle of many regulatory mandates including the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act. Technology may make it simple for one person to do the job of many, but it also increases the risk of concentrating too much…


Importing Data to Update Fields in Sage X3

In this blog, we will show how to use the data templates of Sage X3 to update data in your system. In this example, we will be setting the 1099 flag on the supplier records included in the spreadsheet. When…


Tips & Tricks: NetSuite Demand and Supply Planning

In this video, we’ll focus on NetSuite‘s demand and supply planning capabilities. We begin by calculating item demand plans for four projection methods: linear regression, moving average, sales forecast and seasonal average. We then dive into supply planning parameters around…


Key Strategies to Grow Profits in Manufacturing

Many growing manufacturing businesses operate with fixed budgets and finite resources. Forced to put out daily fires, fulfill the most pressing customer requests and manage customer issues, managers don’t always have the time or energy to develop—and put into action—new…


Acumatica Cloud ERP Filters & File Training

In this video we discuss best practices for setting up filters in the system as well as properly attaching files within Acumatica. These strategies can help optimize your day to day workflow and ensure that you are looking at the…

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