Credit and Debit Card Processing Made Easy

By: | Category: Payment Solutions

Unless your small business consists of street vending, sooner or later you are going to need to accept “plastic” as payment to compete in today’s marketplace. As a matter of fact, many street vendors are considering cashless transactions as customers are increasingly relying on their credit/debit cards to make purchases, and consequently carrying less cash.

We live in a digital economy. Thanks to eCommerce, people now order groceries online and pay electronically. The advent of smartphones, and the mobile payment features that are being added to them combined with the widespread use of debit and credit cards, are making people carry less cash. U.S. Bank survey of consumers found that people aren’t carrying a lot of cash with them, and, when they do, they aren’t spending much.

The newest generation up and coming is practically born with a mobile phone in one hand a credit card in the other. It’s no longer news that plastic beats cash among young adults. As a business owner, why would you want to lose out on that business?

Technology is making it easier and relatively affordable for any business to accept and manage credit card transactions, even the smallest business can afford to offer this option.  But you must determine what solution is right for your business. Swype Integrated Technologies, a Net at Work sister company and an authorized Sage merchant processing partner provides complete debit and credit card processing for all business types.

Swype delivers a suite of credit and debit card processing solutions that is secure, fast, efficient and mobile-friendly. In addition, Swype offers the value of integration. Swype integrates with leading ERP products such as the Sage suite and Abila. It also integrates with Magento, one of the eCommerce industry’s most popular self-hosted platforms. By integrating payments, businesses can improve cash flows, optimize sales channels, eliminate manual data entry, automate the reconciliation process, improve PCI compliance, improve audit position and gain the value of consolidation.

Whether it’s in store, online, or on the go, Swype makes secure credit/ debit card transactions quick and easy, so you can keep moving your business forward.

Are you considering accepting credit/debit cards as a form of payment? Speak to our payment solutions experts today.