When Technology is a Trojan Horse:
How Businesses Can Maximize Technology’s Benefits While Minimizing the Risk

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Technology has been called a great equalizer, providing tremendous efficiencies that allow small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to compete with larger enterprises. For example, cloud technologies including SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS level the playing field by providing access to vast computing resources at affordable prices. Applications such as eCommerce help SMBs get their products in front of broad audiences with a relatively small investment. But as anyone following the news knows, technology is also something of a trojan horse — it provides a gateway for cybercriminals to gain access to vulnerable infrastructures.

Cybercrime Is a Business

Modern IT infrastructures are more complex and sophisticated than ever. For cybercriminals, this complexity represents opportunity in the form of multiple entry points. Cybercriminals can launch thousands of digital attacks designed to compromise your operations at every turn, only one of which needs to connect to cause severe disruption. The wider the range of possible targets, the easier it is for cybercriminals to find undetected vulnerabilities. It also makes successful penetration more likely and reduces the risk of early detection.

Protecting your business from cyber threats requires resources and expertise that go far beyond the capabilities of most SMBs. Even organizations with large internal IT teams are challenged to stay out in front of sophisticated cybercriminals. That’s why the best ransomware defense is to partner with a trusted technology provider who makes it their business to protect your business, mitigating threats while you focus on growing your business.

Regain Your Power

What are the risks to SMBs? How can SMBs protect themselves from cyberattacks while continuing to maximize technology? How can you gain the tools and confidence to safely leverage technology and unleash the power of your business? We answer those questions and more in our latest whitepaper, Digital Technology Will Not Be Ignored — Neither Will Cyber Threats. Download your free copy here.