How Managed IT Solves the IT Infrastructure Dilemma

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The dependency on information technology grows every year, as new and better technology hits the marketplace. At the same time, many small and medium businesses feel the need to do more with less—particularly as globalization and the Internet have increased competition. The need for more technology is high, but IT budgets aren’t necessarily keeping up.

That’s where managed IT infrastructure services come in. Managed IT providers, like Net at Work, have access to the necessary technology to keep businesses running optimally. But the cost of this technology is dramatically less in the form of a managed IT engagement compared to the traditional means of procuring IT assets.

Managed IT providers are able to keep prices low through serving a wide range of customers. They spread the cost of the IT infrastructure over these customers, who are increasingly turning to them for this type of engagement. SMBs need these resources to compete, and can procure them affordably through a managed IT deployment.

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SMBs also appreciate the flexibility of this type of offering. They can add on technology components when the need arises, or remove assets that are no longer required. They could potentially pay for various offerings on a monthly basis, and stop their engagement at any time. This type of arrangement is very much consistent with some of the trends in the consumer entertainment space, showing the growing influence that personal lives are having on work habits.

Another important advantage of a managed IT engagement is the increased efficiency. Companies can quickly purchase IT services to accommodate new needs, as opposed to taking the time to research and source equipment and other solutions on their own. This increased efficiency can be a benefit to customers, clients, employees, and partners.

Managed IT infrastructure services are an ideal way to solve the current IT infrastructure dilemma. Organizations gain access to much-needed technology and services while deriving benefits around cost, flexibility, and efficiency. To learn more about Managed Services and how it can work for you, please reach out to us!