How to Protect your Business in Case of a Tax Audit

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Nobody likes a sales tax audit. In our experience most of the sales tax problems we see can be traced to one of five root causes: nexus, use tax, exemption certificates, taxability, and rates – which we call “hot spots”.

To help take the fear out of a sales tax audit we recently hosted our friends, and tax specialists at the CPA firm Peisner Johnson & Company LLP for an educational webinar about these hot spots and how to protect your business if called upon for an audit. They covered these topics and more:

  • What to do if you receive an auditor notice
  • The one document you should never provide an auditor
  • Best practices for collecting and storing exemption certificates
  • How to protect yourself from future audits

The session is available in our learning center or directly below:

Recorded Webinar

How to Protect Your Business in Case of an Audit

Presenter: Michael Fleming, Peisner Johnson & Company, LLP

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