HR Actions Automated Workflow

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No doubt a big portion of your time is spent processing employee forms, from hiring to performance appraisals to termination. A new Sage Endorsed Solution, HR Actions for Sage Abra HRMS powered by Delphia Consulting, can help you streamline the completion and approval of forms using the Web. The Web-based service allows you create web forms easily using any fields from Sage Abra HR. Let’s take a closer look.

Easy-to-Use Form Builder
A wizard guides you through the process of building web forms using any field from Sage Abra HR, including custom fields. You can start with one of the sample forms provided or build a new one from scratch.

Flexible Rules-Based Routing
The HR Actions workflow engine allows you to define routing rules. Without any programming skills, you can set rules that delineate how many approvals are required and the sequence of the approval chain. Once forms are approved, one-click updates the information to Sage Abra, eliminating data entry from paper forms.

Employee Self Service
With HR Actions you can automate the collection of data from employees, such as skills, self-appraisals, and time-off requests.

Manager Self Service
Managers can initiate personnel actions such as hiring, promotions, transfers, pay changes, and termination requests for both direct and skip-level reports. Managers are notified by e-mail of forms requiring approval and can see the status of a form or cancel it while it is being routed for approval.

Real-Time Visibility
Managers and your Human Resources department have real-time visibility of forms being routed for approval. It is easy to see who has approved forms, where bottlenecks exist, and to view the content of forms. The Human Resources department can control the flow of a form by advancing it to the next reviewer, pushing it through the approval sequence, or cancelling the form. The Human Resources department controls the final update to Sage Abra for each approved form.

Supports Complex Processes
The performance appraisal process is often complex. HR Actions can automate the most complex performance appraisal process. Forms can include instructions, competency ratings, review questions, goal setting, development plans, narrative responses, rating scales, and weighting. HR Actions supports self-appraisals, manager appraisals, and unlimited back and forth between the employee and manager before routing for additional management and HR approvals.

Detailed Audit Trail
Every form has a permanent audit trail with time-stamped information about reviewersí actions and comments, edits to the data made during routing, and the final disposition of the form.

HR Actions uses advanced security and data encryption to keep your confidential employee data safe and secure.

HR Actions is compatible with current versions of Sage Abra SQL HRMS and Sage Abra Suite. Call us with your questions.