If Business Picks Up Are You a Contender or Pretender?

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This morning’s news that Oracle reported a 14% gain in new software license revenue may tell us a few things about where the market is headed and what companies are thinking about the speed of the economy in coming quarters. This is the third straight quarter of improvement in this area for Oracle and the trend signals a few things that we should be looking for in the coming months.

  • Spending on software by larger organizations generally means they are preparing for growth.
  • Companies that sell to larger organizations will usually start to see the uptick in products and services more rapidly as the business expands.
  • When businesses cycles start to increase the improvements in systems and processes made over the past 2 years should accelerate profits for your organization.

Since I work on the CRM side what this really tells me is that my customers that are making improvements to their sales, marketing and operating processes now will be primed for profitability when things take off.