Is Your Business Running on Outdated Software?

By: | Category: ERP

Cumbersome productivity gaps are an eventuality in a growing business, often caused by using a combination of legacy systems and manually maintained or disparate workflows. So how can you tell when it’s truly time for an upgrade?

Gap analysis is one clear way to provide insight into such a hefty decision, and the answer is, quite often, a more modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. But how do you know which is right for your business?

A gap analysis is a technique for determining what steps your company must take to move from its current state of operations to a desired future state. The process begins with identifying key characteristics of your company’s current situation, listing the factors necessary to achieve your objectives, and then highlighting the gaps that exist between the existing and desired states that must be filled.

In a piece written for SmartCEO Thought Leadership Series, Edward Solomon, Co-founder of Net at Work explores what questions to ask during the analysis phase, what to look for in an ERP system that is right for your company, and what benefits you can achieve by implementing a more advanced system.