Preparing your IT for a Storm

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Have you ever truly considered what would happen to your business if all your data was inaccessible for an extended period of time? With Hurricane Sandy threatening this is top of mind and a good time to reevaluate your business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

This post on 8 Questions to Ask Before the Lights Go Out reviews simple steps related to your IT and computer systems in preparing for any possible downtime.

As you will read, business continuity before, during, and after a disaster takes preparation. A hurricane warning, for example, does not provide enough time to adequately prepare for continued business continuity.

If your business doesn’t yet have a thought out and planned business continuity approach, we advise these immediate-term steps related to your IT and computer systems

  1. Consider unplugging your personal computer, monitor and printer if they are not attached to a surge protector. A sudden power surge could damage computer equipment.
  2. Elevate your computers/hardware off the floor if you are on ground level/ flat zone/flood prone area.
  3. Take the latest, verified, successful Data Backups with you off-site.

Please email or call 1-800-719-3307 with any questions or concerns about your business continuity, and/or disaster recovery plan.

Most importantly, wherever you are – be safe!