Protecting Against the New Breed of Trojans and Viruses

By: | Category: IT / Infrastructure

In today’s sophisticated threat landscape – with the rise of hosted services, interactive sites and cloud services – protecting your organization using the old breed of anti-virus software simply isn’t enough. Many zero day attacks manage to get past typical signature based defenses, and targeted cyber attacks continue to increase in size, scope and sophistication.

Enter Symantec Endpoint Protection 12, released in July. The new Symantec Endpoint Protection suite is built to protect against day zero attacks in ways not previously available, while significantly raising the performance level bar.  Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 uses Insight, Symantec’s award-winning community and cloud-based reputation technology, to detect and block new threats earlier and more accurately than any other corporate security product.

This new release by Symantec introduces new technologies that will help businesses detect and mitigate these unknown threats in real time, without reliance on known attack signatures. We suggest you take a few minutes to learn more about this Industry-Leading Endpoint Security.

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