Customization and Intgegrations

Customize your Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90) system to enhance your business productivity software with indispensable capabilities like user-defined- fields (UDFs) and user-defined tables (UDTs), graphical business financial reporting, and enhanced integration. You can also facilitate seamless integration between Sage 100 ERP data and other business applications.

Customization and Integration Modules:

Custom Office provides a suite of powerful and flexible tools so you can customize your system cost-effectively and upgrade-safe to work the way you do.

Customizer: Access, define and implement user-defined fields (UDFs) and user-defined tables (UDTs) easily without special programming skills. Custom Office enhancements allow you to program events to run with or without user interaction (clicking a button) in addition to the ability to add user-defined fields and additional buttons.

Customizations done using Custom Office now survive upgrades throughout most of your system, including those in Inventory Management, Purchase Order, Bill of Materials, and Bar Code-no need to reapply them to a new release.

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Visual Integrator can import from or export to any ODBC (open database connectivity)-compliant source, without the need for an intermediary data file such as ASCII delimited or Microsoft Excel. Establish import schedules to run automatically every day, hour or minute, or prescribe intervals of any length. Chain imports together so that an invoice import automatically follows a customer import. You can even instruct the program to run a script file automatically upon successful completion of an import.

Run additional commands, scripts, or other functions based on three events: before job start, on job success, or on job failure. Subroutines can also be added before and after each record write, and before and after assigning data fields.

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