Lightwork Performance Management for Sage HRMS

LightWork transforms the overwhelming task of managing employees into an indispensable business strategy. With LightWork, it’s easy to identify strengths and areas for improvement in your workforce and align employees and groups with goals to optimize your company for success.

Its flexibility and intuitive interface contains easily modified appraisals and criteria templates to help you provide valuable feedback to your employees in a thoughtful and efficient way. If you already have something inmind, templates can also be created from scratch. LightWork is 100% web-based and integrates with any HRMS solution. Global setup options and integration with your current HRMS software allow you to get started quickly and easily, eliminating the need for rekeying of employee data and guaranteeing the accuracy ofemployee information.

Because your IT requirements are as diverse as your employees, we offer three deployment models. LightWork
can be purchased and hosted on your server, procured as a subscription to be housed wherever your organization wishes, or leased through our software as a service (SaaS) model.
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