Sage ERP MAS 500 Tip: Sending Invoices To Customers By Email Automatically

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In this post we will explain how to set up Sage ERP MAS 500 (soon to become Sage 500 ERP) so that you can automatically email invoices to customers as they are created. You also can use the same process to set up other document transmittals. Note: This tip assumes you are using Microsoft Exchange as your e-mail system.

Locating Microsoft Exchange Settings

The first step is to determine your Exchange Server name and Email Account name, as follows:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook, and from the Tools menu select Options.
  2. Choose the Mail Setup Tab, and click on the E-mail Accounts button.
  3. When the wizard displays, accept the default action of View or change existing e-mail accounts, and click on the Next button. Your Microsoft Exchange Server will be listed in the next window.
  4. Highlight the Exchange Server, then click the Change button.
  5. The name of your exchange server is displayed on the next screen. You can use Ctrl C to copy the server name. While you are in this screen, make a note of the User Name as well.
  6. Click Cancel to exit out of these windows without making any changes.

Configuring Email Transport

Now we are ready to configure email transport.

  1. From the Common Information task on the Sage MAS 500 Business Desktop, select Maintenance/CISetup/CI Options. You will see two email fields.
  2. For Transport, select Exchange from the drop-down list. Paste the Exchange server name you copied from Outlook in the Email Server field. Save your changes and close the window.
  3. From Common Information/Maintenance/CISetup, choose Set Up Document Transmittal.
  4. In this window, select the transaction type of invoice from the drop down list. You also can note the other types of documents that can be set up for automatic transmittal – Credit and Debit memos, Sales Orders, Return Merchandise Authorizations, and Purchase Orders.
  5. In the CC field, enter the email address of the person in your organization that will receive copies of the invoices sent to customers. Enable the Auto Send checkbox, and enter the subject and body text you would like customers to see when they receive an invoice from you.
  6. In the field Mailbox, enter the User Account information you noted earlier from Outlook. The system will validate that this is a valid mailbox as soon as you navigate out of the field.
  7. Once validated, click Finish to save your changes, and close the window.

Configuring Customer Records

The next step is to make sure your customers are configured to be sent document transmittals.

  1. Navigate to Accounts Receivable/Maintenance/Maintain Customers.
  2. Open a customer to whom you will be sending an invoice.
  3. Verify that a valid email address has been entered in the lower right corner of the Main tab.
  4. Click the Doc Transmittal button.
  5. Select the transaction type of invoice from the drop-down list.
  6. Enable the checkbox for email. You also can select to print a hard copy at the same time if you choose.
  7. Select to send the invoice to the customer in either RTF or HTML format, then click Finish.
  8. Close the window, and click Save to save the changes to the customer record.
  9. The next time you process an invoice to this customer, it will be emailed when you select the print invoices option in Sage ERP MAS 500.