Sage KnowledgeSync Alerts and Workflow Solution – A Wise Solution in Any Type of Economy

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Whether the economy is truly recovering or not is certainly up to debate.  However, over the past few years many of our Clients learned firsthand, the definition of the words “streamlining” and “diligence”.  They learned that while prompt invoicing and collections was more important than ever, they could not justify paying a person to handle these tasks.  So too they learned how to set up automated monitoring of inventory levels to help reduce inventory costs without increasing the likelihood of a stock shortage and lost sale.

Every minute of every person’s workday matters – and now is the time to take a critical look at the tasks that each person performs and ask yourself “Could that task be automated, and thus free-up that person’s time for more productive activities?” If, for example, you have people on staff whose responsibilities include generating and delivering invoices or statements, issuing POs for vendors, or tracking down late deliveries, consider an investment in software that could automate these tasks.

Sage KnowledgeSync, an Alerts and Workflow solution, is just that kind of software. KnowledgeSync is a “monitor & response” technology whose purpose it is to monitor the changing conditions within your business and automatically execute the appropriate response. Have a new order that’s just been placed? KnowledgeSync can check credit status and inventory levels and notify Customer Service, the salesperson and even the Customer in the event of a problem.  Stock levels running low?  KnowledgeSync identifies the item and emails the inventory manager so they can place a purchase order with your supplier. Add the supplier to the original alert and you give them a head start on filling the order.  If you want key analytical reports on your desk or in your email when you arrive to work in the morning (or even the night before) KnowledgeSync does that too.

But streamlining your staff’s time and activities through the automation of repetitive tasks is only half of your battle in a challenging economy. The other half is diligence – or, as Mark Twain said, “Put all your eggs in one basket and watch that basket.”

“Watching” your business – whether it’s monitoring receivables that are overdue for payment, taking advantage of early-pay discounts from your suppliers, or identifying stock items that have had excessive price increases – is more important today than ever before. The difference between $100,000 in overdue receivables and $10,000 in overdue receivables can be the determining factor in a company’s survival.

And that’s where KnowledgeSync again enters the picture. With KnowledgeSync, monitoring your business for “exceptions” – those day-to-day anomalies that can collectively determine the viability of your organization – is not left to chance. KnowledgeSync comes pre-configured to monitor hundreds of common business conditions, and gives you the ability to specify an unlimited number of additional “trigger points”. When these conditions do occur, KnowledgeSync sends alerts to the appropriate people via any device – cell phone, pager, email, fax, or dynamic dashboard. And beyond sending alerts, KnowledgeSync triggers the creation of intelligent workflow – follow-up actions that ensure that you respond in the manner most appropriate to the business event that occurred.