Sage Pro to Sage MAS 90 – Finding Your Own Space

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Every time we present a “Migration Demo” for Sage Pro (SBT Accounting Software) Users to show them alternative Sage Software ERP portfolio programs, we are compelled to say, “You know your Business and your Processes the best!” What type of company are you? What are your plans for growth? What do you believe your company will look like in 5 years time? What businesses processes are you doing now that might be more smoothly executed if you could do it at the same time you were creating your accounting transactions?

Case in point, in our recent “Migrating to Sage MAS 90” presentation, we were able to show our customers that we can easily simplify the Pick, Pack, and Ship option. By using on-board features in MAS 90, set-up choices can be made that automatically create paperwork that is simpler than Sage Pro – and requiring no modifications.

Our presenter, Lisa Margolies, Consulting Team lead for MAS 90, demonstrated how users, not developers can add new tabs and fields into MAS 90 to track additional information and perform analytical review and functionality. For example, she built out a nifty AR Collections tab – right on the Customer Maintenance screen. And, for one Field Service Maintenance Company, Lisa was able to add a tabbed screen to track the equipment, serial numbers and service history of equipment at their Customer’s site.

Our users were pleasantly surprised that some of the functionality that they had to modify and update in Sage Pro (SBT Accounting Software), could be obtained through Sage MAS 90’s extensive ISV community of extended solutions – offering critical solutions for the field service industry, consulting (time-billing) users, rentals, shippers and many, many more.

Over time, many of our customers are coming around to the belief that purchasing the right solution the first time, can lower the Total Cost of Ownership over the long haul.