Abila Elevate

Designed with and for today’s fundraisers, Abila Elevate is a smart, intuitive tool that enables you spend more time connecting with donors in ways that matter to them, and focusing your resources on things that matter to you.

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Treat Every Donor Like a Major Donor

Abila Elevate is a smart, easy-to-use fundraising solution for today’s fundraisers that allows you to spend more time engaging donors in ways that matter to them, as well as focusing your resources on things that matter to you.

  • Know Your Donors Like You Know Your Friends – Engage with donors when, where, and how they want. Track preferences and activity to ensure communications are relevant. Use the Circles™ feature for at-a-glance visibility into a donor’s relationships and communities. Understand engagement levels with donor scoring unique to his or her activity with your organization. Elevate’s 360-degree view uncovers the details you need to treat every donor like a major donor.
  • Access your Data Anytime, Anywhere – Elevate was built from the ground up with direction from today’s fundraising professionals to meet the modern needs of nonprofits and their donors – including those accessing their data from the road, a local coffee shop, or wherever the day takes them. Our SaaS, cloud-based solution includes secure, worry-free storage of your important donor data.
  • Focus on More Successful Fundraising – Its easy-to-use, intuitive interface; customizable dashboards; and built-in business intelligence help you quickly and easily get access to the data and insights you need to make the most informed decisions in the least amount of time possible.
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