Sage CRM 7.3 – Everything You Need to Know

Sage CRM 7.3 is the on-premise customer relationship management solution for small and medium sized businesses.

Using the powerful new features in Sage CRM 7.3, you can accelerate sales, gain better business insight, and grow your business.

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Sage CRM has a fresh, contemporary look and feel. Thanks to a new navigation, Sage CRM is more intuitive than before. It also includes a brand new theme so you can find your customer data in fewer clicks.

This new theme is available out of the box in Sage CRM 7.3.

Business Accelerators for Sales are a suite of new features in Sage CRM 7.3 They will help your business accelerate sales and drive productivity.

You can:

  • Act on a range of preconfigured alerts and notifications
  • Save time with new alternative sales workflows
  • Gain greater insight on new management dashboards
  • Analyse sales campaigns activities with new KPI charts
  • Email quote information as a PDF in just one click
  • Sage CRM 7.3 also includes notifications and sales alerts that give you and your team real-time updates on your business KPIs.

Plus the new quick sale workflow is perfect for products that don’t require a complex sales cycle and can be sold in fewer steps.

We are passionate about delivering solutions that make your life easier and help you grow your business.

Sage CRM 7.3 gives the information you need to see what’s happening in your business in real-time and to make more informed decisions.

Powerful new dashboards enable you to find hidden data in your business, analyse the performance of your sales campaigns and make decisions faster. For example:

  • Sales Metrics for Managers Dashboard displays year-to-date performance by team and deals won-versus-lost by territory.
  • Sales KPI for Managers Dashboard displays important KPIs including the team leader board and team lead conversion rates.

You can also create reports with rich new charts and use them for at-a-glance assessments and to make more informed decisions.

According to Gartner, by 2016 two-thirds of the mobile workforce will own a smart phone, and 40% of the workforce will be mobile.

Now, you can use a single mobile version of Sage CRM on most modern mobile devices, or you can manage your customer information on the go using our dedicated apps.

For example, with Sage CRM for iPhone you can:

  • Create and display custom data for people and opportunities
  • Create appointments and tasks on your phone
  • Add phone contacts as a Person or Lead record in Sage CRM
  • Plus, you can use our sales app for Android with Sage CRM 7.3 (available from Spring 2015).
Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools modern businesses have at their disposal.

With minimal resources, small and medium sized companies can send personal, relevant emails to members of their mailing lists.

Now Sage CRM 7.3 integrates with MailChimp. This integration means you can:

  • Create a targeted email campaign using MailChimp
  • Send your email marketing campaign to 2,000 subscribers for free
  • Select from dozens of pre-made email templates
  • Create campaigns that work 365 days a year
  • Track open and click-through rates

Sage CRM 7.3 Demo - Whats New?

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