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Why Don’t SMBs Hit Growth Projections (and How Can You Get Back on Track)?

Small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) often fail to hit their own growth targets and other financial goals, which can lead to poor decision-making, missed opportunities to secure capital, and other negative repercussions. The good news is that if your SMB…


Reports & Dashboards: One at a Time

The following question was asked at a recent BI conference: “I’ve been looking at Analytics software and noticed that some apps have just a few reports, some have a couple hundred, and others come with thousands. How many reports do…

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All Heroes Wear KPIs: 5 Steps to Becoming a Financial Reporting Superhero

How do you measure success? In a commercial environment, you can gain a competitive edge by making sure that your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are informed and agile, much like Superman chasing a villain. But what makes someone a financial…


Addressing the Challenges of Conventional Reporting

A business’ success is highly dependent on its ability to act proactively and make critical decisions in a timely manner. Businesses are more complex than ever and as organization’s grow, so too does their data. This data is not only…


Using Reporting Trees in Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Reporting trees help define the structure and hierarchy of your organization. A reporting tree is a cross-dimensional hierarchical structure that is based on the dimensional relationships in your financial data. It provides information at the reporting unit level and at…


Plumbing the Depths of Analytics Software

Have you ever watched the construction of a new house? It seems to go so slowly at first—often taking weeks (if not months) to lay the foundation, connect to a water source, bring in electricity, and so on. And then—seemingly…


Understanding Customer Credit Limits and Currency in Sage X3

A critical part of managing risk within an organization is managing the credit available to customers. If you give a customer who may not be in the best financial position credit terms, or too much credit, you may have a…


Acumatica Reporting Tips Video: Financial Reporting Training

In this video we cover how to set up reports definitions in Acumatica Cloud ERP. This will allow you to modify report such as profit and loss, balance sheet, and more. Contact us if you have any questions or would…


How to Create Specialty Manufacturing Reports in Sage X3

When you listen to a sales pitch on business intelligence, you may walk away more confused than when you started because, if you’ve been around long enough, you’ve seen many reporting tools – from Lotus to MS Excel to FRx…


The Essentials of Effective Financials Software

Many SMB companies stick with older, legacy systems due to sheer inertia – and the age old adage, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. But you need to ask yourself: have your spreadsheets become unwieldy, are cash flow issues…


Sage ERP X3 Financial Reporting – New Features of Sage Intelligence

Sage announced a new update to Sage Intelligence-Financial Reporting for Sage ERP X3. This product update boasts an intuitive user interface, a powerful generation engine, and the latest in-memory technology-delivering improved performance and usability for your customers! Sage Intelligence is…


Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90 /200) Financial Reporting Options

With Microsoft officially retiring FRx at the end this year, we continue our efforts to recommend replacement options that is best for your organization and Sage 100 (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 200). This month we are featuring RenovoFYI. RenovoFYI…


Update on FRx Financial Reporting Replacement Options for MAS 500 (becoming Sage 500)

Last month Net at Work held its quarterly MAS 500 (becoming Sage 500 ERP) end user meeting where we presented two potential FRx replacement reporting solutions. This being a critical issue for most businesses using Sage ERP MAS 500, the…


Sage Accpac Intelligence Reporting Tools

By now we hope you have heard about and are using or at least have seen a demonstration of the exciting new Accpac reporting tools in the Sage Accpac Intelligence (SAI) suite. The phrase “Business Intelligence” or “BI” has been…

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